While I’ve been mostly using the Trollbeads Apple Blossom Pendant on my Fantasy Necklace, I’ve seen lovely photos of people’s bangles that have two Apple Blossom pendants on them. While I can’t recreate that, I wanted to see how it worked and felt on a bracelet for myself. First I tried it on a bangle. It sits fairly well, especially if you snug it up with a stopper. 

I can’t get enough of the Pink Delight Facet bead in the sun!

Then I tried the pendant on a bracelet. It sits very well, I thought. 

The little Palm Frond and Frog dangle by Redbalifrog is so cute! I put in the Ohm Beads T-Rex to balance out the large Anemone Pendant and because I was getting annoyed with our mailman bringing only junk mail for a few days in a row. Come on, bead mail! The dinosaur reflected how I was feeling at the time, ha ha!

Finally, I tried out an app called Fused, where you superimpose one photo on top of another. The background is a Japanese garden we visited in Tokyo last summer. 


Oh, and since I figured out how to download pics properly, here’s a composite of the upcoming Trollbeads Spacers. I’m really looking forward to the Sweet Berries one the most. I know a lot of people are happy to see the Bumblebee! They will be available May 13. 

Here are the names and the prices in Canadian dollars:

Beehive-$53, Bumblebee-$72, Connected Love-$72, Heart-$64, Dot’n’Dot-$36, Sunbeam-$36, Sweet Berries-$53


Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.