The last two of the upcoming spacers (available May 13) are Connected Love ($72 CDN) and Heart ($64 CDN). Connected Love is the puffy hearts one on the bottom left of the bangle. 

Heart is on the right and is quite a bit more slender. 


Every time I look at Connected Love I think of Cloud Gate (the bean) in Chicago. And then I really want to go back to Chicago. 

Here’s the size comparison shot. 

I made an all pink bangle with Asian Hearts, Summer Dot, The Diamond Bead, Pink and Sea Anemone


Here are all the spacers together. 

Thanks for being patient as I broke this set up over three days! Hope you’ve enjoyed this preview. I’ll post more pics with links once they’ve been released and then hope to find out if anyone plans to buy something!

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.