During the Perlen sale I bought the Redbalifrog Black Leather Strap. I have the Tan Leather Strap Bracelet and really like it. They are not expensive but you do need to use a lock (RBF or Troll will work) with them. Here I’ve got Geckos, Sunflower and Calla Lily on it. 

I also did buy the Trollbeads Honey Dawn specifically to go with the Bumblebee Spacer (out May 13). I’ve wanted one for years! Such a cool bead!

I tried it on a bangle with the bee. 

But then the next day I used the Honey Dawn to balance out the Gold Silver Trace. I’m quite excited to have these yellow beads and I know I will get a lot of use out of them. Left to right are Black Dot, Black Silk, Gold Silver Trace, Milan, Honey Dawn, Neptune’s Promise and White Steel. 

Here’s the whole combo, alongside the Ohm Beads Twisted Bangle. I hope others are starting to receive their Perlen sale purchases! πŸ˜€