Trollbeads USA/Canada GWP

Just in case anyone in America or Canada is thinking of making a Trollbeads purchase soon, there will be a Mother’s Day gift with purchase between April 27 and May 8. With a purchase of $150 or more (and that’s for Canada, too!), customers will receive a Trollbeads Unique Key Ring that includes a Universal Unique bead. You don’t get to choose the colour of the bead, it’s just random. I received a lovely green bead with my keychain. It has a large core opening, so it fits on any branded bracelet, even Pandora. 

The little ball things at either end unscrew so you can put keys on or attach it to your purse. 

Regular size Trollbeads fit on as well. 

Here’s my pretty green bead on the copper bangle. 

This Gift with Purchase will be available online at and in stores, while supplies last. Maybe check with your local retailer first, to make sure they will have it if you’re interested. 

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples. 


  1. As ever, my eye is drawn to the gorgeous glass beads, oh, and now to your pretty Vera Bradley bag, ( and the gorgeous choice of beads to match it!), but I do want to buy some more Trollbeads to play with on my Troll bangle, which is still floating around in a postal van somewhere in the world…. The key ring is very nice, but it is the surprise bead which intrigues me. I will be ordering mine today but cannot pick it up until next Monday. I am a very patient woman, but bead mail makes me a little impatient ! I like your copper bangle very much with the green bead.


  2. Martha, you have an absolutely wonderful blog and your photography is stunning! I adore the Trollbeads glass that you have selected to go with your Vera Bradley bag! Wow! I am a huge fan of both Trollbeads and Vera Bradley! What a unique idea. The colors are gorgeous!


    1. Thanks very much, Carol! I’ve loved Vera Bradley for years and like to go to the stores when I’m in the States. I bought this one in Michigan when I went to the artisan event when a Trollbeads store opened! So imagine me driving home from the States with a Vera Bradley bag and the Trollbeads goodie bag from the event! It was a perfect shopping trip! 😀


      1. That is awesome, Martha! A Trollbeads concept store recently opened near me in Connecticut and it is absolutely incredible. I have visited several times and have been blown away by the amazing variety of beads that they have in stock! Vera Bradley has also been my obsession for the past several years. The patterns are so lovely and very hard to resist! A new VB outlet store opened in my area as well. They don’t carry the newest patterns, but they have a really wonderful selection (and everything is 50 – 70% off retail)! 😀


  3. Oh, wow, I’m so envious that you live near a Trollbeads concept store! It would be so neat to be able to drop into a store and be able to pick out one bead as a little treat! 😀


    1. Don’t forget about the “local” stores that are owned by mom and pop’s that have been supporting the brand for many years! We all work very hard to promote and inventory this great brand! Our store is in Mattapoisett Ma (which is, I know not close to many) BUT if you travel to Cape Cod this summer please stop in! You can see all our uniques in the store,
      Rogers Gallery, and ALSO all the uniques we have on our website! We have a huge inventory to share! 🙂


      1. I’m going to have to look up Cape Cod on a map! I would love to see your store in person one day! Sadly for me, there are no stores within a two hour drive from where I live in Canada that carry Trollbeads, so now this place in Michigan is actually a ‘doable’ trip. Although my husband would roll his eyes if he read this, lol!


      2. Mom and Pop’s are the BEST! I will tell my friends who will be vacationing on the Cape this Summer. I will be sure to visit your shop when I go to Hyannis in September. I live in CT and do visit the Cape quite often! ❤


      3. Thank you for thinking of coming to my store. It is right on Route 6 in Mattapoisett and very easy to find! Plus we right next door to a great diner! Mattapoisett is a lovely old town and has a beautiful harbor. The are is called the SouthCoast.


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