Blue Mist and Marmor

The True Beadz True Touch Marmor bead is absolutely stunning. There’s a beautiful mix of blue, beige and green in it. Julia was kind enough to send some other beads with it and I think the Blue Mist line pairs really well with the Marmor shade. I also added in a couple of the Linen shade for a soft, gorgeous bracelet. Again, these are the colours in the interior of my house, so I’m a little biased!

Left to right below are the Silver Lilac, True Blossom Blue Mist, True Touch Marmor, True Air Blue Mist and Silver Hyacinth. 

Left to right below are the Trollbeads Sweet Berries Spacer (out May 13), True Air Linen, True Touch Blue Mist, Silver Lilac and True Blossom Blue Mist. 

Left to right below are True Air Blue Mist, Silver Hyacinth, True Taste Blue Mist, True Blossom Linen and the Trollbeads Sunbeam Spacer (out May 13). 

Here’s the whole bracelet again. 

I found this small purple flower that I think was growing on some ivy. Clearly, I’m not really a gardener, but I do enjoy pretty flowers! 

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples. 

For Elise-True Touch Linen on the top, True Touch Blue Mist on the bottom. 


  1. I love these colors together! That Marmor Touch bead is really pretty! I was wondering how different the blue mist is from linen? From the photos it looks like linen is a paler shade to the green side versus blue mist. I was so inspired by your bracelet of March 18th so I am working on something similar. I plan to include air, blossom and one touch but have been going back and forth between the two colors. They seem very close in color. What are your thoughts on the differences and similarities between the two colors, especially as it relates to the touch version? Thanks for your insight!


    1. Elise, you are correct about the difference between the Linen and Blue Mist colours. They are very similar, but I’d say the Linen is more of a grey/green and Blue Mist a blue/green/grey. I will take a picture of the two Touch ones together and email it to you in a few minutes!


      1. Ooooohhh…a million thanks! That is so helpful! I like both *of course* …but I will start with linen first and add blue mist hopefully in the summer. Your photo helped me to know what to do!


  2. It is not in my nature to like such pale beads, I tend to like lots of colour and flowers, strong designs, etc. I have to admit that I forced myself to slow down and scroll slowly through each lovely photo, forcing myself to consider carefully, each bead in combination and it became very calming and soothing after a crazy day, late night and early start to another workday. Like walking in yogic circles. I will peruse again on my lunch break today . The Marmor Touch bead is subtle and beautiful and I look forward to actually touching it. Your photos really accentuate the delicate colours and beauty of this collection!


  3. Thanks Sarah. Like you, I also enjoy colour, but sometimes some calm, subtle colours are so lovely. I think the Blue Mist is so fresh and soothing and that Marmor is like a little painting! Hope you have a good day at work-must be busy on Saturdays there!


  4. I love the colours in this bracelet and could happy spend hours looking at it. The depth of colour in Julia’s beads is amazing, and the colour palates subtly beautiful. I really like seeing bracelets with all Truebeadz glass as I think they really shine as something different and interesting.


  5. This design is quite the stunner – would love to purchase every bead! Marmor is so lovely, but as I could only purchase it sight-unseen online, I’m wondering if there’s a lot of variation in the appearance of individual beads. Love the mix of blue, beige and green I see above, but the bead pictured on the TrueBeadz site is pretty dissimilar. Have you seen a lot of variety in this bead?

    I’ve only recently discovered your blog, and may I say that your designs are completely wonderful, fresh and artistic. What an inspiration 🙂


    1. Thanks Jill! I would think there is some variation of the Marmor bead for sure. So, you could ask Great Lakes Boutique or Julia to send you a photo of a few and then you could choose. I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t mind at all!


    2. Hi Jill! Thank you so much for your comment! This very bead has some variations, you are absolutely right here! But also please keep in mind that I am not good as photographer I do really prefer making beads, not taking pictures:) and what you see on the website are my pictures 😦 anyway, just like Martha, I am always happy to send a picture of the beads in stock so you can make a choice. If you prefer to order from US, Great Lakes Boutique have the best client service ever:)

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Many thanks, Julia. This would be my first purchase of Truebeadz, and I don’t feel I should necessarily purchase from Great Lakes. I’d like to take you up on your offer to provide pics, so I’ll either email you or use the contact form on the website … thanks again!


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