Redbalifrog Tree Frog

The little Tree Frog by Redbalifrog is just so cute! The feet are so detailed-here is the bottom of the silver bead on the Redbalifog Black Leather Strap. 

I love the eyes. He’s a very serene looking frog, I think. 

I bought the Palm Frond & Frog dangle years ago. Here they are together, perhaps they are related!

I put both frogs on the Black Leather and the Volcanic Fossil on the Tan Leather. All of these, including the silver bracelet, are Redbalifrog. 

I also wore the Tree Frog on my copper bangle with the Trollbeads Mysterious Ways Kit. He sat very nicely and did not flip (or jump, ha ha!) around. But I think he looks particularly fabulous on leather, would you agree?

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples. 

7 responses to Redbalifrog Tree Frog

  1. sarahrigler says:

    It really is a perfect bead! I would order him instantly, but, am afraid to order anything else until I get my shipment from Perlen. Then, that sweet thing and more lovely Trollbeads will be ordered! Great photos on how to make a wee, silver, frog bead super desirable


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