Pastel Violet X Links and Purple Dream

I ordered some of the new Pastel Violet and Graphite Grey X Links and it turns out the Pastel Violet Links look amazing with the True Beadz True Touch Purple Dream! And the phlox was starting to bloom in the garden, so I was in purple heaven. 

Here are all the X Links colours I have. I think I’m just missing the Turquoise.  Top to bottom are Pastel Violet, Pink, Red, Bordeaux, Brown, Graphite Grey, Black, Khaki and Ocean Blue. 

I really like the Pastel Violet with some bronze and silver links. Some colours of the rubber links look best with either bronze or silver, but in my opinion the Pastel Violet really looks great with both. 

Here is the True Beadz True Touch Purple Dream

I wore this combo for a couple of days in a row, as I just love purple and green together! Some people have been showing the Pastel Violet X Links looking quite a bit like a dusty pink. Has anyone found that the colour is not what you expected?

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples. 

9 responses to Pastel Violet X Links and Purple Dream

  1. I really must go and look those links to see if they differ in colour. I would love some on the purple side rather than the pink. I definitely am very tempted to start collecting again 😁

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    • marthnick says:

      So you can see them in a store in person? How nice! Yes, do take a look as you have so much purple in your collection and I bet they would look great with your beads!

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  2. sarahrigler says:

    I love that combination and can see why you have worn it for a few days and I love green and purple together , too. I am not totally on board with the links yet, but your photos are edging me a little closer each time I seen them. I think I would buy the Trollbrads leather before the links. I really like the frog on the copper bangle with those gorgeous beads .


    • marthnick says:

      I’m the only one of my friends who has the X Links, so they are not to everyone’s taste. I don’t wear them as much as beaded bracelets, but this new purple colour has me wanting to wear them every day!


  3. Debbie says:

    Two lovely blog posts to look at today – yesterday was a public holiday for May Day so today feels like Monday!

    I like X as it’s easy to wear. I’m not sure about the violet links because of the huge range of colour difference I am seeing. I don’t have any retailers close by so can’t see them IRL. I will get the grey ones. And I am behind on the other colours do lots still to get!

    Purple and green together are lovely, and the whole stack is beautiful. Purple really suits you 🙂


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