Redbalifrog Fern Leaf and Tree of Life 

These two beads are about the same size and so make a perfect pair to wear with a single glass bead in between them. The Tree of Life has beautifully detailed leaves. 

The Fern Leaf makes me think of the west coast of Canada on Vancouver Island. 

There are some gigantic trees and gorgeous ferns. 

I put the silver beads with the True Beadz True Blossom Blue Mist.

And then tried for a calm look with three True Beadz in the Linen shade. 

Lastly, I tried out a larger bracelet made with the Trollbeads Native Elements Kit and Redbalifrog silvers. I really like how this turned out. 

For Monday’s combo I added in the Trollbeads Anemone Pendant on a leather necklace with Silver Mountain and the Ring of Change with the Bumblebee and Beehive Spacers. I think the Tree of Life and Fern Leaf are going to be super useful. I never tire of looking at the exquisite details on Redbalifrog beads!

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples. 


  1. I have had my eye on that fern for a while now and your lovely photos have cemented that “need” for it! Make it stop !!
    Just fooling, I really love starting my day with your blog and a coffee. I am learning so much about styling and the beauty of so many wonderful beads.


  2. So pretty. I like them with the native elements beads a lot. They are so pretty but hard to match with my other troll beads which tend towards the conventionally pretty or fantasy side. Am I the only one who has challenges ordering from the Red Bali USA site?


    1. Hi Amy, I agree that they go really well with the Native Elements Kit! To be honest I am in Canada and have never ordered from the Redbalifrog USA site. I usually order from Perlen or D4E in Denmark. Maybe someone else reading this can chime in with ordering tips?


      1. Hi Martha!

        I just adore your beautiful photos! Redbalifrog silvers look so amazing with Trollbeads glass. I have been drooling over Redbalifrog charms for quite some time and I wish that I could see them IRL I have always admired the Bird’s Nest! I believe that there is only one shop that sells the brand in my area. But, I hesitate to invest in another brand right now. I have been indulging in so many Pandora and Trollbeads promos that I just have to cut back on spending for a while! It’s an addiction that can be hard to control! :O Lol! ;D


      2. Carol, I completely understand! That’s why I don’t want to start up with any other brands, too! And then there are always so many lovely artisan beads I see on Instagram! Unless one is independently wealthy, I don’t see how it’s all possible! 😀


    2. All looks great Martha! ❤ I am loving my new Troll Anemone, I like how it stays in place on a bracelet and doesn't "droop" like so many other beads. I do love that new Troll Bumblebee, may have to end up getting one.

      To Amy, I live in the US too, I always order RBF from Perlen as it is 20% cheaper and free shipping! I've never had any issues getting packages from them, highly recommend 🙂


      1. Thanks Natalie! The Troll Anemone is so amazing, I agree! On Friday I’ll have pictures of it on my Pandora leather. Will be using it there a lot, I think!
        Thanks for chiming in about where to shop!

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      2. Yay, I look forward to seeing it on the leather! I love how it fits Pandora, I’ve been wearing it on my Pandora bangle so far but will have to try it on the leather too 😀 It is such a nice detailed substantial piece for a very fair price I think.


      3. I so agree! It was the only thing I bought from the Trollbeads spring collection, I think (not because I didn’t like anything else, was just all I could afford). And I’ve worn it so much on my leather necklace or on a bracelet, so it was a good investment!

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      4. It’s the only thing I bought from the spring Troll collection too! I have recently bought some other Troll, spider and boheme pendant from Perlen sale with the anemone, and then some older beads really cheap in a dealer’s Facebook auction! I got my first and only Troll glass, Tranquil Fantasy. And then Magician, Cute Teddy, Panda, Old West, and Wings of Freedom. I already had Wings of Freedom (my very first Trollbead) but I love it and couldn’t resist for $5, I plan to wear them together. I only paid about $50 for all 6 beads including shipping so it was a great deal.

        I’ve never ordered from D4E, do they do free international shipping?


  3. Both beads are lovely and look very Zen on the bangles.

    Love the bracelet, the native elements glass is so glossy.

    Great photos as well, always a pleasure to visit your blog 🙂


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