With the recent price drop for X Jewellery I thought I’d order a lock that would then give me the ability to wear two X Links bracelets at the same time. The bronze lock is now pretty inexpensive. I couldn’t resist also ordering the new Flow Single Bronze Link. I ordered right off of the X Jewellery website, because there was free shipping and the prices were low. I was quite pleasantly surprised when I opened the package (that had a giant, taped up rip, but everything was fine) and saw that the links were in a lovely box and there was also a fabulous catalogue, polishing cloth and two sample links in the new colours!

The catalogue has prices in several currencies. I know that Canadians are a bit lucky with the prices, because there is no VAT. However, we don’t have cool castles and old buildings the way Europe does, so there’s that. πŸ˜€

I love this page showing all the colours together!

Here is the Flow Single Bronze Link. I love it!

I quickly made up a Pastel Violet and bronze bracelet and then a Graphite Grey and silver bracelet. 

Here’s the Violet bracelet on its own. 

Earlier in the day I had worn this combo to work. So, as you can see I’m really enjoying these Pastel Violet links. A lot. Will try to put together a non-purple combo for tomorrow!