Flow Single Bronze Link

With the recent price drop for X Jewellery I thought I’d order a lock that would then give me the ability to wear two X Links bracelets at the same time. The bronze lock is now pretty inexpensive. I couldn’t resist also ordering the new Flow Single Bronze Link. I ordered right off of the X Jewellery website, because there was free shipping and the prices were low. I was quite pleasantly surprised when I opened the package (that had a giant, taped up rip, but everything was fine) and saw that the links were in a lovely box and there was also a fabulous catalogue, polishing cloth and two sample links in the new colours!

The catalogue has prices in several currencies. I know that Canadians are a bit lucky with the prices, because there is no VAT. However, we don’t have cool castles and old buildings the way Europe does, so there’s that. πŸ˜€

I love this page showing all the colours together!

Here is the Flow Single Bronze Link. I love it!

I quickly made up a Pastel Violet and bronze bracelet and then a Graphite Grey and silver bracelet. 

Here’s the Violet bracelet on its own. 

Earlier in the day I had worn this combo to work. So, as you can see I’m really enjoying these Pastel Violet links. A lot. Will try to put together a non-purple combo for tomorrow!


  1. Hi! Martha

    I want to know where did you usually order the Xjewellery.
    Thoses box and catalog look good to me.😁😁
    I’d never received that kind of packages.


    1. Hi Kyungjin!
      I had usually ordered from Perlen or American stores that had put X on sale as they were discontinuing it. You would love the catalogue! We could always ask them on Instagram if they would send the catalogue to South Korea, maybe!


      1. Oh! haha I’d never thought..
        I should try to ask them.
        Thank you!
        BTW the comment that i wrote didn’t show up instantly I thought i do wrong 😬


  2. I’ll trade you a few old castles for cheaper X links πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Love the purple and bronze links bracelet, it’s so pretty.

    It’s great when brands go the extra mile in how they package orders. X Jewellery did a great job!


  3. I really like the flow link, I would want at least three of them as they are so pretty! Lovely , too, to see bead mail arrive in good time, even if the package may have been meddled with! Thank-you for sharing the catalogue pages with Cad prices. I also really love the black links with the bird, it’s a beautiful look.


    1. Sarah, next time we get together I will have to bring the catalogue. It’s really nicely done, even if you aren’t into X Links. Will be hoping for your bead mail to arrive tomorrow!


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