We have a couple of varieties of Forget-Me-Nots that grow in the garden and the more common variety has mostly light blue flowers but some hints of pink. I thought I could try a pink and blue bracelet. Here are the Forget-Me-Nots with the Trollbeads Mom’s Bouquet

Here’s the whole bracelet. It’s more of a mini-bracelet, really. 

Left to right are the Lamb, a unique, Smile of Stars, Pink Desert, The Messenger and Blooming Sakura. 

Left to right are the Bumblee Spacer, Summer Dot, Smile of Stars, Beach and Mom’s Bouquet. 

These are really some of my all time favourite flowers. Although they are so low to the ground it’s easy to miss them, I just love seeing them up close. 

This is the other variety that we have. I imagine there are some other kinds too. We also have the odd white ones that pop up!