Pandora Purple Shimmer with Textile Beads

I wanted to put together a bracelet using both sets of my textile beads, so I thought I’d try it with some silver and then added a Pandora bracelet with the Purple Shimmer bead to make a combo. 

I love how it blends in with the phlox. Soon the phlox will be gone, so I’m trying to take advantage of it!

With the textile beads that I bought off of Etsy, I just added a few silver Trollbeads. I like the casual look it gives! The textile beads are hand dyed wool covering copper wire and have a 4mm diameter opening. 

For a combo I added in the Trollbeads bangle but with no beads on it. 

Here it is in the sun. This might be a good summer time look, but I don’t think I’d wear the wool beads when it’s hot and humid out. Sunscreen and sweat would get all over them and we wouldn’t want that!


  1. Beautiful close-ups again Martha! I have reached the point where I like to wear my Purple Shimmers every day in every kind of colour combination . I really like the way you have put it with silver alone. Your silver beads are so nice, and, as you know, I have two of the Tropical Palm silvers and think them one of the nicest silver beads Pandora has made to date. Your combo with the wool beads is great! Now I will send you a photo of my bracelets for today!


  2. The textile beads are nice, I am not sure they would last long with me as I am clumsy! I might get some to wear on a long necklace as I think that would be the safer option!

    Purple shimmer is beautiful, I will get around to buying some more Pandora at some point.


    1. The textile beads are very sturdy. I’m pretty rough on my bracelets-am always banging into things by mistake! Yes, I would like to buy more Pandora too-maybe someday!


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