Ohm Beads Animal Aptitude

Ohm Beads’ Animal Aptitude is a trio of barrel shaped glass beads that is bright and fresh looking. I don’t really have any other Ohm glass that goes with them, so just looked for what would match with them from my collection. There are some Ohm Beads like Toxic Pox,  Striped Suit, Make a Joke and Ash Hole that would really work well with this set. 

They come in a really cute dotted bag, tucked inside a box. The pinkish one is called Salamander Schnozberry, the black and white one is Dalmation Dactylogram and the green one is called Frog Fantacism. 

My first thought was to put the Salamander with the Baby Pink True Beadz, as the base colour is almost exactly the same. 

Then I thought I should try it with my Trollbeads green bead and the pink Summer Dot. What I like about this bangle is the stripes of the green Trollbead paired with the dots. 

But in the Salamander bead, the darker dots can almost pass for red. I looked at my beads and remembered I had one more Trollbeads universal unique. It’s red, plus with the larger core opening it would be able to fit on my Ohm Beads Twisted Bangle. Bingo! By adding in an actual frog (well, silver one, anyway) and the Redbalifrog bracelet, I think this was the nicest combo I tried. 

Next up is a couple of the beads on my copper bangle. I think green looks great on copper and I put the Troll Red Pod in the middle. 

Lastly, here’s an all Ohm bangle with Growling Hippo and Cute Chameleon. Also on this bangle are the Earth-ish Stoppers and Metal-ness Locks. I can think of many other ways to use these beads and look forward to incorporating them into my collection. They do fit on Pandora bracelets and I’m already wondering if the Salamander bead might look good on the pink summer leather Pandora bracelet. The Dalmation one will be the easiest to use for sure, but together they are definitely a fun trio. I’m planning to be ‘beadtwins’ with these with Debbie on Instagram when she gets her trio! Just a note about tomorrow-the blog won’t publish until 8am because that’s when a giveaway will start. But it will be open until Friday, so no need to rush!

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples. 


  1. Wonderful! Love all the different designs and combos you came up with.

    I collected my Beadmail today….and this set of glass is amazing! Really glossy which is hard to photograph.

    Speak later, bead twin 😉


  2. I love how vibrant and patterned this collection is and think the work beautifully with the True Beadz Baby Pink and also on your copper bangle with the Trol Red Pod. You will have a lot of fun working them into your beautiful collection! And yes, FROG ! Mine is in the mail, Birthday gift from my daughter, lucky me.


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