The new Trollbeads Spacers are available to purchase starting today and although I’ve already shown a bunch of pictures of them, I thought I’d make a few new ones. I think the stars of the set are the Bumblebee and Beehive. I’ve been enjoying them on the Ring of Change, but they also work well on a Fantasy Necklace, bangle or chain bracelet. 

Kim Buck designed four of the spacers, Sunbeam, Sweet Berries, Beehive and Connected Love. Mette Saabye designed Heart, SΓΈren Nielsen designed Dot’n’Dot and Kristian Krysfeldt designed Bumblebee.  The spacers on the bangle shown below are Sunbeam, Heart, Sweet Berries and Connected Love. 

Here’s the bangle with the Bleeding Hearts in my garden. I when I say garden, it really isn’t much and is very weedy-but the flowers look good in close ups. 

I was wearing a different bangle when I was at my parents’ place the other day. My Mom has a Purple Sandcherry tree that looked great with my bangle! πŸ˜€

Here they are all together. I do like the look of just one on a chain. Here are the prices in Canadian dollars.  The top row is Sweet Berries ($53 CDN), Beehive ($53 CDN) and Bumblebee ($72 CDN). Middle row is Connected Love ($72 CDN) and Dot’n’Dot ($36 CDN). Bottom row is Sunbeam ($36 CDN) and Heart ($64 CDN). 

Finally, here’s a picture that really shows the size of the Bumblebee spacer. I realize that it is not inexpensive, but it is definitely not the size of a regular stopper. I’d love to hear if anyone is planning to get any! And can’t wait to see some photos on Instagram!

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.