Pandora Flower Garden Murano

My lovely local Pandora store called to let me know the summer collection had arrived! I’ve been coveting the Flower Garden Murano ever since images of it appeared and it did not disappoint. The ones at the store were fairly similar and I would have been happy with any of them. The core is a deep raspberry colour and there is a bit of sparkle, too. Then there are two layers of flowers, in what I would describe as a mint green, apple green, white and the deep pink colour that is reminiscent of the Wild Hearts Murano Charm. Unfortunately, we had to get both a new lawn mower and BBQ last week, so I couldn’t buy anything other than this one bead! But there were lots of gorgeous new things in the store. The Teal Shimmer is simply stunning as is the Frosty Mint Murano. Here is a photo of the Flower Garden Murano. 

My old green leather bracelet from last summer looks great with it!

These flowers that just started blooming match really well, I think!

Here is the bead from the side so you can see the two layers of flowers. 

I thought I’d try the Flower Garden Murano with the Wild Hearts Murano. They make a great match!

Here’s the bead with a couple of Cold Milk Ohm Beads on the Trollbeads Copper Bangle. 

The pale mint green flowers match the True Beadz in the Linen shade!

And finally, below left to right are the Pandora Wild Hearts Murano, Trollbeads Dot’n’Dot Spacer, Pandora Disney Tinkerbell Murano, Trollbeads Sunbeam Spacer and the Pandora Flower Garden Murano. Personally, I think I like this last combo the best and am going to wear it today. Be sure to check out @pandorabradshaws on Instagram for some beautiful pictures of this bead with other Pandora beads!

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples. 


  1. Thanks for your kind mention this morning Martha! I thought I had better post another favourite combination of Flower Garden and then try to move on. It is such an amazing bead, you may cause a run on sales because of all of your wonderful photos. I really like seeing it with the True Beadz Linen, and it looks great win your green leather too. Beautiful photos and blog again and a treat to have you making an appearance on a Saturday. Have a perfect weekend with your BBQ and new lawnmower, and your beads.


    1. Thanks Sarah. That was such a stunning photo you posted yesterday! I think my husband is looking forward to cutting the grass today. We had a reel mower being held together by duct tape and now we have one of those new cordless electric ones. 😀

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  2. We need a new bbq too 😩 And furniture to sit on outside 😩😩 I love the final combo. The truebeadz look great! I need more if those ( need not want)


  3. Hi Martha! I just went to nearest Pandora store and saw all summer collection! I found red boat to big, but separate some things. They will sell it just on thursday 2, I couldn’t buy anything now. But Pandora is too shiny, I don’t know if I’ll continue to buy it. Good to my pursue…


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