New Trollbeads Fish Lock

There is a new lock coming out June 3 as part of the small Trollbeads Summer Collection. I only have 3 different Trollbeads locks so was quite thrilled to get it. In my opinion it’s a very happy looking fish! It’s designed by Søren Nielsen and will be $64 CAD/$54 US. 

It’s the same size as the Plain Lock. My other locks are the Flower Lock and the limited edition lock that was part of the Stories of You starter bracelet. 

Naturally the fish makes me think of the cottage we used to have when I was growing up. My dad went fishing all the time and we ate perch three times a week for the whole summer. Our cottage was on the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario and here’s a photo from the lovely Bruce Peninsula National Park. We went a couple of summers ago. 

 Another gorgeous body of water in Canada is Moraine Lake in Banff National Park. This water is from a glacier and is a beautiful colour. If you ever visit one place in Canada, Banff National Park would be my recommendation, hands down. This was our first trip with our kids when they were 3 and 5 and we went car camping for six weeks. Six weeks of sleeping in a tent. 😀

So, I thought I should make a bracelet of pretty blues that remind me of water to go with the Fish Lock!

Left to right below are the Sunbeam Spacer, Ice Blue Bud, Seabed Stripe, a unique, Neverending, Fountain of Life, Blue Fizz and Beach. 

Left to right below after the Beach bead are the Sweet Berries Spacer, Silver Lining, Whitecap and Ancient Palace. 

Left to right below after the Neverending are a unique, Wave of Dreams, Blue Moonstone and Dot’n’Dot

After I made this full bracelet I thought it wasn’t going to be much fun to wear as I wouldn’t actually see the lock! So I took a bunch of beads off to make a mini-bracelet. 

And this is how it looked. This will be such a fun summertime lock!

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples. 


  1. Great photos, Martha!
    Today I take the time to leave a short comment. So amazing places to be! It’s so wonderful! The colour of the water is a dream, I love it! And so are your bracelets! The new fishlock is on my wishlist! I got the old fishlock, but can it be wrong to have two different ones?


  2. Hi Martha! I lived in Toronto between 93-94, and we went to Banff when my son was 2 month old! Was one of the best trips we have maid! Emerald lake is astonishing! And we saw evan bears!
    This fish lock is in my Must Have collection, I love sea motives! I prefer second bracelet, not too much information! Lovely, as always!
    Good week!!!


    1. Hi Carla! I didn’t know you lived in Canada before! That’s super that you made it out to Banff. I liked the mini-bracelet best, too! Have a great week yourself!


  3. This is such a beautiful post, Martha. I have read it many times and looked at your photos over and over. That’s why it has taken me so long to comment.

    I love your watery collection , (and still like to look back on your Niagara post from time to time), and it is especially poignant as you have mixed beads with sentimental memories and photos from happy summers in your past. You evoke memories of mine now, and I am feeling sad and nostalgic for summers on lakes with my family. Dad was a limnologist, so we spend a lot of times enjoying Canadian lakes, while he gathered water samples. My sisters and I all love fish motifs and maybe that is why. So back to beads….

    I really like the final photo because it allows the eye to focus on just a few beautiful beads and that charming fish lock at the same time. Your collection of blues with some lovely turquoise and green mixed in makes me very happy, when I am also feeling a little winsome now.

    I will put together a tiny bundle of Trollbeads on my new bangle and go out into this hot day, with my mind and heart full of beautiful beads and memories. Thank-you for this wonderful, evocative post and for sharing your splendid collection of beads, photos and ideas with us.


    1. Sarah, I’m so happy you enjoyed the photos of the lakes. I’m never sure if I should include non-bead pictures. What an interesting job your Dad had! And I’m so thrilled that your bangle arrived at long last. Enjoy your day! We have beautiful weather here and I hope you do too!


  4. oh my those pictures of the national park are gorgeous!! Just love the color of the water! Also love your bracelet, wish I could design something like that! I’m currently trying but failing miserably I think LOL!


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