We’ve had some hot weather lately, upwards of 30 degrees, so I thought it fitting to break out the Redbalifrog Bali Hut and put it with some yellows and oranges. I wanted to use my old Pandora yellow and white striped bead as I rarely use it, so tried to pick out some other colours to match. 

Then, on Instagram, a friend mentioned that it looked like a juice bar which made me think of the yummy drinks we had last summer on our trip. My favourite was this Basil Lemonade in Bali-mint leaves, basil, lemon juice and Sprite. 

The family favourite of the trip was this watermelon juice that we would buy in the food court at bottom of the mall attached to the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. So refreshing after walking around in the heat and humidity!

All of the silver beads on this bracelet are Redbalifrog. I bought the Bali Hut and Mask specifically for going to Bali, of course! Below left to right are Sunflower, Ohm Beads Live Your Fantasy, Pineapple, a retired Pandora and Frangipanis Forever.

Below left to right are True Beadz True Touch Pumpkin, Bali Mask, Pandora Field of Daisies, Bali Hut, True Beadz True Touch Sunlight Spot.

Below left to right are Frangipanis Forever, Pandora Orange Flower, Pomegranate, Trollbeads Gold Silver Trace and Phoebe the Moon.

Here’s the whole bracelet again. The lock is the Redbalifrog Heart Love Lock. Has anyone else had hot weather yet?