I had been reading up a bit about the olloclip for iPhone and noticed it was on sale at a local camera shop. It is a mobile lens that clips onto the iPhone. I bought the 4 in 1 and had a lot of fun trying it out. It will take some more practice, but for anyone like me who doesn’t have a camera, it’s a fun way to try some different kinds of photography shots.  The lenses are 1) wide angle 2) fish eye 3) 10x macro and 4) 15x macro. 

By the way, below, that’s my husband’s hand, not mine!

Here are some random photos! First up is the Ohm Beads Confetti Upchuck. I like how it kind of looks like a painting. 

Here is the Trollbeads Pink Facet Delight

The macro lens is awesome for flowers. 

Here is a True Beadz True Taste Blue Mist. I love how the glass looks here!

Next is the Trollbeads Seabed Stripe. 

The Ohm Beads Mama Terra’s hair looks spectacular. 

Something I discovered was the True Beadz silver hallmark! It’s under the little brown smudge!

Check out a little sneak peak at a True Beadz True Treasure! Some new ones will be for sale on the Great Lakes Boutique website on Sunday at noon, EST. Tomorrow’s blog will have more pictures of them. 

Here’s my favourite photo of my first day with the olloclip. The Trollbeads Blue/Turquoise Silver Trace between two Ohm Beads Blue Holes. I started an Instagram account for macro photos @marthnickmacro. Not sure how long I’ll keep it up for, but I plan to throw the occasional photo on for sure! Does anyone already have one of these macro lens attachments or are you interested in getting one?

12 responses to Macro!

  1. Kim says:

    Lovely photos! I think my favorites are the white flower and the True Beadz Blue Mist. And I’ve been wondering what was under that dark mark on the core, so the hallmark was a treat to see!


    • marthnick says:

      Thanks Kim. Yes, I was super excited to see the hallmark! I can’t see it with my older eyes, but my son claimed he can see some lines there, ha ha!


  2. I’m always fascinated by macro photography and you’ve chosen some great beads to try it on (not to mention flowers)! Keep up the awesome photography and I’ll now go over to Instagram and follow your MACRO account. Thanks for sharing.


  3. beadsweb says:

    I love the effects that this has given some of your pics. They look really cool and the flowers are always great up close 🙂


    • marthnick says:

      Thanks very much! I get amazed with seeing the inside of flowers-so much there that I’ve never noticed before.


  4. Debbie says:

    Amazing photos. Your new lens looks like a fun and very useful addition to your photography tool kit


  5. Your photos are absolutely amazing Martha! So beautiful! The macro lens is incredible! I am still amazed by technology these days! I still remember my electric typewriter and princess phone! Lol! 😀


  6. Jahndra says:

    I’ve always loved macro photography, I used to be a professional photographer and seeing your photos made me miss it! I also have a very cheapy macro lens, you’ve made me want to start using it again 😉


    • marthnick says:

      I didn’t even know the term macro photography so was quite amazed by this little lens! It’s amazing what is in the inside of flowers!


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