True Beadz Treasures Preview

On Sunday, June 5 at noon, EST, Great Lakes Boutique is going to have some special beads of Julia’s for sale. They have some CZ in them and I think they are gorgeous! Here is a sampler of what to expect. This one reminds me of a beach. 

This one makes me think of warm ocean water. The water in Guam is just this colour! We spent a week there once, on vacation from when we worked in South Korea. Every single person on the airplane was a newlywed except for us!

I think this bead has a caramel look to it. 

The plum shade here is so pretty. 

Here is a version in a pale green. 

The last one has two little fish! There are several cubic zirconias in it too, just on the other side. I’ve already tried this with the Troll Swim Fins and Louise’s Sea Glass dangles and it’s going to be a great summer combo. 

The True Beadz 2016 fits perfectly between them. 

Here are the five similar ones on a bangle. Honestly, I feel like the luckiest girl to have these gorgeous beads. 

This is the bracelet I wore yesterday. The silver bead on the left is Roses and the one on the right is called Morning Dew. So, if anyone is hoping to score one of the True Beadz Treasures this weekend I wish you luck and hope that I can see or hear about what you got!

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples. 


  1. What fun beads! I love the colors in the purple and green one. And the fish are just so cute! I don’t have any of the True Treasures yet, but I may try for some this weekend. It would be awesome to get a fish, but I’m sure those are going to get snapped up right away, so I won’t pin my hopes on that one.


  2. Oh I wish these were part of a new release so we all could get them. My favorites are the green and caramel ones!


  3. These beads are beautiful! I would have a hard time just choosing one. I think I need a second job to support my jewelry addiction! ; )


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