New Trollbeads Summer Collection

Aside from the new Fish Lock, there are three new silver pieces available now. (I don’t have the Deep Ocean yet, but will do a blog post on it when it arrives.) My favourite is the cute pair of Flip Flops $36 CAD/$31 US. There are also Swim Fins $36 CAD/$31 US and Power Runners $53 CAD/$46 US. They are designed by Aleksandra Kuczynska.

As you can see, the silver beads are fairly small, which is reflected in the price. I decided to put them with the Happy Summer Kit, which was one of my first Trollbeads purchases!

I do like them best on a leather bracelet. I really prefer leather bracelets in the summer actually, as I find them more comfortable in the heat and humidity.

Below left to right are Blue Fantasy, Neverending, Coral Opal, Flip Flops, Pink Fantasy, Swim Fins, Beach Ball, Power Runners, Beige Moonstone, Neverending and Strawberry Stripes.

Here is Coral Opal up close. 

I think I’ll wear the Flip Flops on my Single White Leather Bracelet a lot this summer. Paired with one or two beads it will be great for sticky weather. Last summer I ended up wearing the single leather bracelets a lot while we were in Asia because of the heat and humidity. 

I’ve seen a lot of people with the Deep Ocean on Instagram, but is anyone getting one of the summer silvers?

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.


  1. I am so diverted by your Happy Summer Kit and how beautifully you style it. I am not really sold on the silver beads, maybe because of the size but they do look good on your leather bracelets for sure! It really is a fun. Your photos are beautiful, I love starting
    day with your blog.


    1. Thanks Sarah! Yeah, I think the leather best shows them off. The Happy Summer Kit and the Rocky Beach Kit are what got me into Trollbeads, really. I remember when they came out, Tartooful had these stunning pictures of about ten kits of each and I would spend so much time gazing at those photos! 😀


  2. I am not a huge fan of these summer silvers. However, the way you have the leather bracelet styled is cute. You are so good at arranging charms and certainly have a great eye for color and design! That is why I enjoy your blog so much! I have ordered the deep ocean bead which I am very excited to receive! I do like some of Trollbeads’ other beach-themed silvers and muranos, so (unfortunately) my wallet is not safe….


    1. I’m glad you enjoy looking at the pictures, Emme. I like a lot of the other beach themed beads, too, like the Starfish and Silver Sea Urchin. I can hardly wait to see Deep Ocean in person myself! If you are on Instagram, check out @Tartooful’s bracelet from today. It’s the most incredible version using Deep Ocean that I’ve seen so far!


  3. Hi Martha!

    Wow! These new Troll silvers are very cute. My favorite is the pair of flip flops too! They look adorable with the Happy Summer kit on your leather bracelet! Another winning combination for the summer season! ❤


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