Blue Hole by Ohm Beads

I’ve wanted a Blue Hole cracked glass bead for the longest time and then the other week when @MikeAtOhm kept showing it on Instagram I gave in and bought two of them. And they are fabulous. 

Mike was showing them with the Salamander Schnozberry and the Cold Milks. This is my version. 

They feel smooth to the touch for the most part. Mike described them as being mostly smooth with the crack effect being smoothed a little by heat. Here they are with the purple bead from the Six Pack collection, Get in Shape. 

They also go well with Confetti Upchuck. The stoppers are called Earth-ish. See all the ‘garden’ in front of the bench there? We’re going to rip all of that out and plant some grass. The perennials are crazy out of control. All the nice flowers in my photos  are from the front yard. 😀

For a fun bangle I put them with a couple of the Ugly Dolls (Ox and Ice-Bat) and the orange Ganges in the middle. 

One day last week I tried a combo with the Bolly Wood beads and the Pandora Disney Elsa Murano. The locks are called Metal-ness. I love the urban vibe they give. On the top left is a necklace using the Palm Frond & Frog by Redbalifrog, a Sea Glass Dangle by Louise and the Ohm Beads Shake Rattle Roll. On the right is the Trollbeads Ring of Change with Blooming Sakura. 

Lastly, here they are with Seabed Stripe from Trollbeads. I love this look! 

Really, I can’t believe I waited this long to get the Blue Holes. I’m going to be using them a LOT!

8 responses to Blue Hole by Ohm Beads

  1. sarahrigler says:

    I am really impressed with them, it’s one of my favourite colours and looks very intense. I like the crackled look, too.
    I especially love your last bracelet with Seabead Stripe, but they’re great with Confetti Upchuck. I can see how much fun you’re having with them!


  2. These are so stunning Martha! I love the crackled effect and I really love it with the Troll Seabead Stripe! I have 4 beads from the Trollbeads Aqua kit now and this would fit in really well with my collection. Of course, I will have to get the Seabead Stripe now too! Lol!


  3. Chelsea says:

    The whimsical dragon
    Who lives in the woods
    Has a heart of gold
    And only does good

    His teeth they glisten
    He has a huge, fire breathing hole
    But there is nothing to fear
    From this gentle soul.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Alexandra Rimbert says:

    I like the crackled effect but the colour is too bright for me.
    BTW, Ohm wants us to tell you how much we love your blog (even if we don’t comment a lot 😉 ) #OhmFestival #pokepokepoke

    Liked by 1 person

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