Silver Trace, Green/Turquoise

When I ordered the two Ohm Beads Blue Holes a couple of weeks ago, somehow a Trollbeads Silver Trace, Green/Turquoise also jumped into the shopping basket. Not sure how THAT happened. Ha! I thought these 3 might look good together and indeed they do. By the way, this bead is retired but I found it at Perlen. 

The Silver Trace bead looked gorgeous using the olloclip macro lens. 

Since it is mainly a green bead, I tried it with my other green Trollbeads on the Copper Bangle. The one on the far left is a unique as is the one in the middle. Then we have Turquoise Green Dot and Peter, to round things out.  

Lastly, I made a simple silver all Troll bracelet plus changed the bangle to include Wave of Dreams, Swim Fins, Flip Flops and The Eye. The spacers are Sunbeam on the left and Dot’n’Dot on the right. I’m using these as a pair a lot these days as they are about the same size. 

Wave of Dreams looks really cool up close. 

Lastly, here’s a combo using the Fish Lock as a focal point. I’m really liking simple chain bracelets these days! Does anyone else ever wear them like this? And are you getting something at the Perlen sale this weekend?


  1. This is a beautiful assortment of greens, blues and turquoise, my own favourite pallete.
    I really like your recent purchases, they work together perfectly !
    I may not be going to go to Perlen for glass beads, but might buy a silver, or two. I am never really pleased with the glass ones they have selected for me, it is more satisfying for
    me to choose my own in person. Wave of Dreams is more beautiful than I thought, oh no…


  2. Wave of Dreams has become one of my favorites over the years since its release! I love seeing it featured in a bracelet. Each one’s a little different.


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