Iceland Inspired

This week I’m trying something a little different. Each day I’ll focus on a different country that we’ve traveled to and make a bracelet inspired by something from that place. Today is Iceland! Having said that, only my husband and youngest son went–I took our oldest son to Disney World at that time. Most of these photos were taken by James, when he was 10. I think he has a good eye for photography! 

This is the famous Blue Lagoon. The running joke on our family Instagram was that they had a slushie drink there that is called Krapp. You can just imagine the comments that my brother made. Lol!

My favourite photos were ones that James took of rocks, that he then used as wallpaper on his iPod. 

The landscapes are most interesting!

So, for a bracelet, I wanted to use neutrals with texture. The starting off point is the Ohm Beads Humerus. It’s the larger one in the middle. 

Below left to right are the Trollbeads Beehive Spacer, Redbalifrog’s Tree of Life, Trollbeads Blue Desert, True Beadz True Touch Castle Stone, True Beadz True Taste Linen, Redbalifrog Rope and Trollbeads Sandstone. 

Below left to right after the Sandstone are the Ohm Beads Humerus, Trollbeads Cozy, RBF Rope and True Beadz True Taste Castle Stone. 

Below left to right after the Taste Castle Stone are True Beadz True Touch Linen, Trollbeads Rainbow Bridge, Redbalifrog Fern Leaf and the Trollbeads Sweet Berries Spacer

Here’s one more look at the bracelet. Has anyone been to Iceland before? Or is it on your bucket list? Next up tomorrow is South Korea!


  1. Amazing photos! Your son has talent. I’ve always thought that would be a great place to visit. And your bracelet really captures the feel of the landscape. I love the different textures that you used.


  2. I love that he found the rocks and land so beautiful and took so many great photos of them! I find them facsinating to look at. It s a country I would love to visit. He’s a very clever boy to have taken so many excellent photos and it looks to have been a happy time for him and your husband!
    My parents went there, inadvertently, when the pilot of their plane, (on a flight home from England), was drunk and they had to stop over until he could be replaced . They were very impressed with the country and loved that part of their trip, drunken pilot aside.

    Your bracelet composition is perfect for that rocky, rugged terrain but also with the softness in colours and variations in designs which are subtle but such strong beads. It interesting that you have mixed so many brands of beads and created one, cohesive, handsome bracelet which is inspired by his wonderful photos. Great post Martha!


    1. Thanks Sarah. My goodness, that is quite the story about your parents! Good thing they made it home safely! The boys had a super trip. It was very short, mind you, as they were only there for 4 days, I think, but they packed a lot of sightseeing in. They did bus tours and James was free because of his age!

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  3. Great photos, it looks like a wonderful place to have visited. Your bracelet looks fantastic too and they colours were just made for each other. I have made a similar bracelet post for today with blue deserts. Great minds must have been thinking alike today πŸ™‚


  4. Absolutely gorgeous – your bracelet and your son’s photos! I would love to visit Iceland one day. My mother has gone once (or twice now, I think?) and really enjoyed it and I had a friend go through there on a layover from Europe and he enjoyed it more than he thought he would.


    1. Thanks Tracy. I haven’t heard of anyone who hasn’t enjoyed a trip there. It is a bit on the pricey side, though. James and Wayne stayed in a dorm room in a hostel and it was still over $100 a night, I think!


  5. Such an interesting post to read Martha! I enjoyed both your bracelet and the pictures of Iceland. In fact I like the idea of making bracelets to match landscapes and other natural views much better than to match our clothes – this is so much fun πŸ˜‰


  6. Yes, we were in Iceland for a week in June once- toured all around, lots of lava fields, waterfalls, Icelandic ponies, sheep everywhere, mountains and large deep black lakes, blue lagoon of course. Loved the sweets/pastry stands in the middle of nowhere on the road!


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