Canada Inspired

Today’s travel feature is on my country, Canada. We’ve driven coast to coast on separate car camping trips. Thank goodness those days are over! I loathe washing dishes while camping and having to trot out to the bathrooms. However, what fantastically beautiful scenery we have!

My favourite national park is Banff, where the gorgeous glacier water runs along the Bow River. 

It makes me think of the Ice Blue Bud Trollbead. 

Another favourite  body of water in the Banff National Park is Lake Louise. It gets super busy in the summer with people coming from around the world to see it. I was very lucky as a university student to be able to attend the Banff Centre for the Arts several times. We’d have master classes, attend concerts and spend the weekends going for hikes in various spots. These photos I took when we went with the kids, though. 

Another great place to visit is Prince Edward Island, over on the other side of the country. We happened to see Anne of Green Gables while at Cavendish Beach!

Our second favourite national park in Canada is Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland. That’s the camping trip that pretty much did us in. Some nights the temperature went down to 10 degrees and it was pouring rain. Complete misery! But, the landscapes were incredible. 

So, I wanted to make a bracelet around the Ice Blue Bud glass bead. All beads are by Trollbeads.  Starting at the top and going clockwise, are a Turquoise Striped Agate, Dot’n’Dot, Silver Mountain, Neverending, Ice Blue Bud, Smile of Stars, Moonlight Bubbles, Smile of Stars, Traces, Neverending, White Steel, Sunbeam and Ancient Palace. The lock is the new Fish Lock.

Traces reminds me of a sandy shore at the beach. 

This bracelet with Monday’s Iceland inspired bracelet go well together. 

Here’s a last look at the Canada inspired bracelet. Next up tomorrow is Finnish Inspired, with an all Ohm Beads bracelet to celebrate the bright colours of Marimekko. I’d love to hear if anyone has traveled to these parts of Canada!


  1. I feel very moved this morning by the photos which capture the vastness and glory of our country. We are so lucky to have so much pristine country side and so much fresh water! I too was astounded by the wilds of Gros Morne and happened to be there when the salmon were jumping! Words cannot describe that vision. I must go back there again soon.
    Your bead choices and photos are wonderful and especially the Troll beads here, the final bracelet being so perfect, each one now has more meaning, and beauty, like a tactile and visual slice of Canada . Traces is another bead on my ridiculous, long list! This post is such a gift and thank-you yet again for sharing your travels and your beautiful beads.


  2. Your photos are beautiful, Martha! I’ve been enjoying your travel posts so much this week. I’d love to go out west someday and see the mountains (although camping is not my thing, so I’d have to make sure there was a decent hotel around first). 😉 I loved the Anne of Green Gables books when I was younger, and still occasionally pull them out for a reread. My travel in Canada has been limited to Toronto, where my sister went to graduate school. I only lived a few hours away, and frequently went up for visits. It’s such a great city; I wish I got up there more often now. Maybe I should try to make it up for a weekend this summer.

    You chose some lovely beads for this post. I really should try to wear my Trollbeads more. I mostly prefer Elf these days, since their glass is out-of-this-world amazing, but your post reminds me that Troll really does have some lovely beads.


    1. Kim, I think sleeping in a hotel is a great idea! I do hope you get to go out west someday. My friends just bought some of the new Elfbeads. Maybe I’ll ask to borrow them for an hour to take some photos for next week. 🤔 They chose some really pretty ones.


  3. Wonderful pictures Martha! I loved this bracelet!!! We went to Canada west coast in Aug/1994. Cold and wonderful!!! Lots of red trees, very green lakes! Wonderful country, we missed a lot that time! And wonderful glasses-are they all Trollbeads?


  4. I love the ice blue bud choice. My parents, 10 yr old daughter and I went on a two week trip a few years ago to Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone, Glacier, Banff, and Jasper. I would love to go back to the Canadian parks again, such beautiful landscapes and less people than the US national parks. I had done a bracelet that I keep permanently made up as a souviner. At the time I was using all Pandora and Chamilia and had picked a chalendony spacer because it reminded me of the Columbia ice fields. I picked an Onyx bead for the Black Hills, and a Pandora glass that looked like a geyser. For Glacier I picked Pandora mountain flower and a Chamilia Green Pesks, and I found a red Jasper bead some place for Jasper. It’s very outdoorsy. Ice blue bud and traces would fit right in. I used a Pandora leather bracelet which I still love despite recent the fact I buy almost no Pandora any more. I love Trollbeads and I love their double strand leathers. I wish they would do a clasped single leather. Love the bracelet today.


    1. Your bracelet sounds lovely! I really like how you chose your beads so carefully to represent all the different places. A single strand clasped Troll leather would be awesome!!


  5. I visited beautiful Lake Lousie fours years ago, we had lunch facing the lake inside the hotel. Your bracelet is beautiful, I just would like to know where you get Trollbead in Ontario?


  6. I’m so enjoying your “countries” theme posts. Blue Bud is an old favorite of mine, so versatile and I love seeing Traces on a bracelet! It’s one of my favorite beach bracelet beads and I had forgotten about it – I must dig it out for Summer!


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