For a number of years, my husband and I made a living as musicians in a symphony orchestra in northern Ontario. The city of Thunder Bay has a large Finnish population and there were several gift shops selling Marimekko and Iittala goods, among other brands. I got hooked on Finnish glass, with my favourite piece being this Iittala vase. 

When we visited Helsinki a few years ago I had way too much fun shopping in the stores! The boys were most patient waiting outside the Marimekko store. I love their vibrant fabrics. 

As well as the Iittala store there was also the Aarikka store. I love their wooden bracelets and I have quite a few of their red elf Christmas decorations. 

We took a boat over to see the  Suomenlinna Fortress. 

The Sibelius Monument was a must do for a couple of musicians!

So, when I think of Finland I think of bright colours and glass-which then makes me think of the Ohm Beads barrel shaped glass beads, like Get in Shape

It looks really neat from the side, on the Iittala vase. I think that’s what my Instagram profile photo is, but in black and white. I took it a while ago, so can’t exactly remember. 

But ultimately I made a mini bracelet using my new Blue Holes and some character beads. All beads are by Ohm Beads. Left to right below are Live Your Fantasy, Trombone Player, Blue Hole, L’il Devil, Ganges, Mr. Gnome, Blue Hole, Circus Tent and Get in Shape. 

This concludes Travel Week! Thanks for reading! I enjoyed hearing about your travels, too! I’ll do it again sometime with different countries.

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