Ohm Beads Paula the Red Panda 

Happy Canada Day!!

First, the winner of the Redbalifrog giveaway (I use Random.org) is Debs from England! It was so cool finding out where everyone is from and thanks for entering.  Debs, I’ll direct message you on Instagram to get your mailing address. 

Ohm Beads recently came out with some realistic looking animal beads. They are named after people who suggested the beads, which leaves me wondering who Paula is! The Red Panda is quite detailed and adorable. I had to look up the animal itself, as I wasn’t sure what it was and sadly found out that it is endangered. 

The back has some lovely detail also.

Check out the detail on the little feet. This seems to be something really different for Ohm Beads. Most of the the silver beads I have are very smooth, like the Ugly Dolls. Mama Terra is very detailed like this animal series as is Luna. When I look at my bead collection I think I will probably be using the Red Panda with some Redbalifrog beads because that’s the brand I collect that has a lot of nature themed beads. One thing I really like about Ohm is their willingness to try out different things and not be pegged necessarily to one style. 

Here it is on the Twisted Bangle with the Earth-ish Stoppers. 

And lastly here is Paula the Red Panda on an old Pandora black leather bracelet, with the Ohm Beads Bare Clips. 

The Bare Clips work on the Twisted Bangle, Snap Clasp Bracelet and Pandora leather. Very versatile! Which leads me to this promotion. Actually, I’ll be posting a short review of Ohm Beads products for the next few days, each day with a different promo code or discount. Here is the one for today:

25% Off Locks & Stoppers. Fine print: to take advantage of this promo add locks and/or stoppers to your shopping cart and enter promo code JULY1LOCKSTOP on the last page of checkout (after payment). All sales are final. This promo is available on ohmbeads.com only. Promotions may not be combined. Sale starts on July 1st at 1AM Seattle Time and ends at July 1st 11PM PDT . 

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples. 


  1. The Red Panda is so cute. I really like this collection, although I haven’t bought any of them yet. Yet being the operative word! 🙂 The detailing on these is very nicely done, and I like that they made them cute without being cutesy, if you know what I mean. Nice promo too – I’ve been meaning to get a few of the Ohm stoppers, so I may have to mosey over there and check this out. 🙂


    1. Hi Kim! I agree with what you say about the animals being cute without being cutesy. And yeah, this might be a good time to get stoppers if you were already thinking of it as I don’t think they go on sale too often.


  2. I know a beadaholic Paula- I think the red panda is named for her!!!
    She’s a big animal aficionado too and works at a zoo, so I am pretty sure she suggested it!


  3. I’m pretty sure that the Toronto Zoo has a few red pandas, if you ever make it there Martha. I usually go once a year with a friend of mine, but we never manage to see all of the animals since it’s so big!

    I agree that Ohm have done an amazing job with these beads 🙂


    1. Good tip, Tracy, thanks! I’ve only been there once, long ago when I took my kindergarten class there on a field trip. It was my first year teaching and I was so afraid of losing a kid that I don’t remember anything about the zoo!


  4. Thank you for the promo code!
    I’ve been wanting a pair of the water-ish stoppers for my ocean themed bracelet for awhile and this is the perfect opportunity to indulge. 😉


      1. Yeah, I had Paula and the 2 Poison Apple pretty much picked out for the Mrs. Gnome promo, but when I saw this offer today I decided to just get now as I want a dirty bangle. I’m sure I will see other things I want by the time the Mrs. Gnome promo is happening 😀


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