Trollbeads Single Leather Bracelets

Last year the Trollbeads Single Leather Bracelets came out. My friends and I all bought one (or three) and we really like them for the summer time. I wore mine almost every day while touring around Southeast Asia and they held up pretty well. They are certainly a great price point and you don’t need a lock! Trollbeads put out a video showing how to fit them, as they come in one length and we re-created it by shamelessly copying the video almost frame by frame. I had to edit it down to 15 seconds as that was the maximum length an Instagram video could be. Cheryl is doing the fitting for Trisha’s bracelet. As you can see, there is a little split near one end that you put the other end through. 

After that, there are four ways you can get it on and done up:

1) Keep the bracelet long, put the bead on, tie a knot and then slip it over your hand. 

2) Put the bead on. Put the bracelet on around your wrist, then get the end through the slit, then tie a knot. Personally, I find this method difficult. 

3) Put the bead on, put the end through the slit, then slip it over your wrist, then do up the knot with your other hand. 

4) Put the bead on, put the end through the slit, tie the knot. Then, put the knot back through the slit, put the bracelet on then put the knot back through the slit. I’ve never had any luck using this method. 

Last summer, I used method number one. We were traveling in hot weather and this was the most comfortable for me. Here is what I took with me for one month away from home. It was very hard deciding!

I kept Ohm Gnome and my Pandora Buddha on the leather pretty much the entire time. Here they are looking at a reclining Buddha in Cambodia. By the time we got to Japan they were arguing and had to be split up, ha ha!

Now I have cut the bracelets down a bit and use method number 3. I always love using the brown bracelet for a coffee theme with Mocha, Scirocco and Coffee Mug. 

Looking below, the top bracelet has two Neverendings and Mom’s Bouquet. The bottom bracelet has Moonlight Bubble, Smile of Stars (2), a Faceted Aurora and Aurora Flower. 

Sometimes I like to stack them, as it feels super light. 

It’s even possible to wear the Trollbead Anemone Pendant! The glass beads are top to bottom, Whitecap, Sea Anemone and Seabed Stripe. 

So, does anyone else like the single leather bracelets? What do you like to put on them? 


  1. I always love the look of them on you all, and I like the idea that you can really show off just one bead or use it in a stack. It’s a good idea and inexpensive, too. Your photos are great again and I love the photo of your travel kit!


    1. I thought that would be a fun photo to throw in there. Yeah, you’re right that they are great especially for showing off one bead. And another nice thing is that the silver beads generally won’t move around. So for around $60 you can get a silver bead and the bracelet, which is a great entry level price.


  2. I dismissed them when they first came out, then put one on my “to buy” list after I met up with the three of you last summer 😀 But, it has lingered on there, always getting bumped down by other things! One day. One day. Maybe if they came out with another colour I would be moved to buy? I had the brown one on my list since I already have a longer black one and wasn’t sure how the white one would wear.


    1. More colours would be awesome. I keep thinking I should buy a black one and I noticed Trollbeads Canada has free shipping for the next few days, so I’m very tempted. Cheryl only wears her white one occasionally and it looks brand new a year later. Mine in the photos above were really put through the ringer as it was sometimes 42 last summer in Cambodia, so I was sweaty as all get out, but I think they still look pretty good!


  3. I just bought one but I couldn’t figure out how to get it on. I didn’t see the slit that you are describing, haha…I’ll have to check it out when I get home….😊


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