On May the 5th the Trollbeads Uniques Leather Bracelets are coming out. They will be $39 USD and that’s for both the bead and the leather strap, in case there’s any confusion. The leather is thicker than the ones that came out a couple of years ago. Feel free to check out my old blog post here, where my friends and I made a video copying the Trollbeads one, for fun, to show how to cut the leather to size. This time the bracelets, which are super for casual summer wear, come in nine colours. This picture below has the truest capture of the colours. 

Each one comes with a Universal Unique, which has a larger core than regular Trollbeads. Even so, they don’t move around on the leather at all. 

Here is my old white one on the right with the new white one on the left. I wanted to show the difference in thickness. Also, considering I wore the older one around Southeast Asia when it was sometimes over 40C and humid (blech!), the leather has held up really well and isn’t even too dirty looking, especially considering the amount of sweat and sunscreen it was exposed to. You can see how thick the knot is on the left. It is very comfortable though as it’s fairly soft. The way I’ve been getting these ones on and off is by keeping the knot done up and slipping it through the slit. In my other blog post I explain different ways you can get them on and off, but I’m going to stick to this method for now and that’s how my friend Cheryl puts hers on. 

To be clear, regular Trollbeads will not fit on these, although some silver pieces might. Also, I had a hard time getting other branded glass beads on, but a few silver pieces will fit on. Having said that, I’m going to be keeping these as is, because I think they will make for a quick addition to a combo. Obviously I was most excited about the purple. 

I think it pairs nicely with X Jewellery, especially for warmer weather. 

Wearing three at once means lots of knots underneath, but again, the leather is pretty soft and comfortable. 

One leather bracelet looks okay with some silver bangles, I think. Maybe it would have looked better with the leather in the middle. 🤔

So, as to where to buy these it’s going to vary. Trollbeads.com won’t be selling them as it would be too difficult since the bracelets come with a variety of glass beads. The Trollbeads branded stores will have them. Places like Perlen and Star Bijou are going to sell them and Blooming Boutique Beads already has some listed. They have put beads online by colour group, so you choose the bead and then it comes with the corresponding leather bracelet. The initial listing is at one of their online parties here

I really like the beads that came with these bracelets, especially the ones on the turquoise (lighter blue one) and purple bracelets. Is anyone planning on getting one? If you have any questions, please ask and I’ll try to help!

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples