Ohm Beads has brought out a trio of glass beads in red, white and blue, perfect for Americans for July 4th! We live close to the border, as most Canadians do, so I always enjoy a red, white and blue theme at this time of year.  Called Courage and Loyalty, they are sold as a trio, just like Animal Aptitude. They are the barrel shaped beads, which really add some interest to a bracelet. The pattern is at the core of the bead and surrounded by clear glass. 

When you look at them straight on, here is what you see. 

From the side you can see how they are made.  

Ohm Beads have made several beads with dots, recently. The three beads on the right are from Animal Aptitude. 

To be honest, I do enjoy them just by themselves and don’t really feel a need to put them with anything else. I know it doesn’t look like it from my beads n’ coffee videos on Instagram (where I will stack things up) but most of time I just wear one bracelet with a few beads and then maybe a couple of plain silver bracelets, just like this. Left to right are the Ohm Beads clasp bracelet, their Twisted Bangle and then the Courage and  Loyalty set on the new Dirty Twisted Bangle with the Bare Clips. 

But, it is very fun to try different combos, so here are the glass beads with the white Cold Milk beads.  

I did try a bigger bracelet with some older Pandora beads in red, white and blue. These are the Metal-ness locks on the clasp bracelet. 

Below, starting from the top and going clockwise are Ohm Beads Cold Milk, Pandora Red Candy Stripe Murano, Ohm Beads Crossed, Pandora Amazing, Pandora Blue Fascinating Iridescence, Ohm Beads Touched, Pandora Fascinating White Murano, Pandora Amazing, Ohm Beads Crossed, Pandora Blue Polka Dots and Ohm Beads Cold Milk. I apologize for using so many retired beads here. I don’t have a big enough collection to use current catalogue beads, but, we do what we can with what we have! πŸ˜€

I think the Courage and Loyalty set looks great with the old Pandora Red Leather bracelet, as seen below. I think I’ll wear a version of this bracelet again on the Fourth of July in honour of my American friends. Coming up tomorrow-a Redbalifrog giveaway!

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.