The star of the Trollbeads 2016 Summer Collection is undoubtedly the glass bead Deep Ocean, designed by Nozomi Kaji, who also designed Blooming Sakura and the Kimono Kit. Deep Ocean retails for $94 CDN/$82 US. 

The detail on this bead is incredible. To the naked eye, I can’t really see how thick (or thin!) some of the fish are and had to use my olloclip Macro Lens on my iPhone to see the amazing glass work. There are 17 fish!

The bubbles are perhaps my favourite part as they make me really feel like I’m underwater with the fish. I remember snorkelling many years ago in the Red Sea, at Hurghada in Egypt. Even in water just waist deep the fish and coral were unbelievably colourful and it looked like a whole different world. 

I tried out the Deep Ocean in many different ways. For me, I will probably wear it most like above, just on a chain with some stoppers, but I also like it on the black leather with the Swim Fins and Flip Flops

Here I’ve paired it with a couple of Hong Kong Skylines. 

And then with a couple of Sciroccos. 

It looks great on a Fantasy Necklace. This is the Silver Fantasy Necklace with Rose Pearl and Lucky Knot on top.  I think one would need a plain white shirt to make this work as it’s a lot of colours!

I did want to give it a try with some different coloured glass beads. This might be fun for a day trip to the beach or a BBQ. Starting from the top and going clockwise are Neverending, Ancient Palace, The Eye, Orange, Smile of Stars, Silver Trace, Green/Turquoise, Dot’n’Dot, Deep Ocean, Sweet Berries, Wave of Dreams, Smile of Stars, a unique, Beach and Oasis. 

After work one day I tried it on a single white leather bracelet, then twisted another one around it. 

Lastly, this is just a different kind of photo. I put the bracelet in a glass of water then tilted it. Now that I look back at these photos I can’t decide which look I like the best. I’d love to hear what you think is your favourite! And if you got one, how are you wearing it?

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.