On Instagram I have been noticing for a while some beautiful glass beads on @notsafeforlife’s page and finally asked her how to find them. Soleil Beads are made by Hillary Campfield in Wisconsin and each bead is a one of a kind. I bought one (and it wasn’t expensive at $20 US) and she kindly sent a couple more. They are a bit larger than other beads in my collection but fit in really well. 

The top bead below is the one I desperately wanted to buy. The slight bit of orange combined with the swirls of purple and pink were absolutely irresistible to me! 

I’ve put two on them on a chain with a Trollbead in the middle so you can see the  size. 

Here are two on my copper bangle. That’s the Trollbeads Connected Love Spacer in the middle. 

Up close the glass looks like a painting. This is from the bead above right. I really love the combination of the buttery yellow with purple and quite frankly could look at it all day! 

And this one is from the bead on the left of the copper bangle. 

The beads have a large core so they will fit on Pandora bracelets, as seen below. You may notice from the pictures that the cores look different from some other styles of beads. These ones are made by hand pressing the silver core, so they do have a different look from the beads I’m used to, but once on a bracelet I don’t even notice. 

Here’s the same bead but as the focal point of a bangle with two True Air Baby Pink True Beadz and the Sweet Berries and Connected Love Trollbeads Spacers. 

I put together a bracelet using Redbalifrog silvers and some Trollbeads in complementary colours. Starting at the right and going clockwise are RBF Roses, Trollbeads Sea Anemone, RBF Fern Leaf, Soleil Bead, RBF Frangipanis Forever, Trollbeads Amber Violets, RBF Frangipanis Forever, Soleil Bead, RBF Tree of Life, Trollbeads Aurora and RBF Pomegranate. 

In the sun the beads almost seem to have movement, like a solar flare or the northern lights!

In the below photo I’ve got the blue Soleil Bead on a bangle with Trollbeads’ Dot to Dot and Sunbeam spacers plus two True Beadz in the True Touch Sky Blue shade. 

And here’s a last look. 

So the big question is how to find the beads to buy. It used to be off of Facebook but I just got word that now the beads will be listed on Soleil.com! There are some beads listed here right now!

Does anyone else already have some Soleil Beads? I’d love to hear about it if you do! Coming up Monday is Grumpy Cat by Ohm Beads. And on Sunday on Instagram join in the #weekendbeads fun by posting a music inspired bracelet!