Ohm Beads has made a trio of Grumpy Cat beads but they are available individually. Some people, like my husband, have never heard of Grumpy Cat, which is a real cat, but he looked at the bead and thought it was hilarious. So even though they are based on an actual cat, I think they stand alone as humorous beads that can bring a little smile to our faces. I love the little boxes but have decided I should stop showing the inserts, because we all need little surprises in our life! Maybe someone should start doing unboxing videos of beads, the way people do for Apple products. Not me though! πŸ˜€

One thing I appreciate is the legitimate licensing that is obvious here. It’s always nice to know something is on the up and up. 

My favourite is called Ohm? Horrible. The detailing is lovely and they really captured the expression of the real Grumpy Cat well, I think. 

This one is of the whole cat and is called Ohm? Terrible. Again, I think the expression has been captured really well. 

The last bead is double sided and is called Ohm? No. 

This is my favourite side and destined to become part of my Monday bracelets. 

The thing with character beads, I find, is that they are tricky to use on full bracelets, for me anyways. Here is a small bracelet with L’il Devil, Moon Me, the dotted beads from Animal Apititude and the red/blue/white one is from the Courage and Loyalty set. This might be a good one if I’m feeling super grumpy!

But this is how I will mostly be wearing the Grumpy Cat beads. Love them on the Dirty Twisted Bangle!

They sit really well together all snugged up. 

So, if you are a cat lover,  one or all of these might be a great buy for you. If I were to only keep one it would be the Horrible one. It makes me smile every time I look at it. I will be wearing the trio on the bangle a lot though, especially on Mondays. We love the weekends at our house. We sleep in a bit, my husband makes pancakes for the kids and sometimes we stay up past 11 watching two shows on TV instead of one! So when Monday comes around and we have to get up early it’s like, ugh. 

I’ve seen a few people on Instagram with these already…is anyone else planning to get one?

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.