True Beadz Stormy Heavens and Taiga

I decided to show the True Touch Stormy Heavens and True Touch Taiga together so had a little sit down to try and figure something out. For me that’s what’s really fun about modular jewelry: taking a look, trying things out and maybe taking them apart several times until you figure out a combination that you like! Taiga is such a rich green and Stormy Heavens is so cool with the contrast of the black with a few stripes of white. I thought what could pull them together would be my Trollbeads Milan bead and then added some more black, white and the Pandora Green Petite Facets. 

The bracelet looks slightly different in the shade. 

Below left to right are the True Beadz Morning Dew, Pandora Green Petite Facet, Trollbeads Black Silk, Black Dot, True Beadz Hyacinth and True Touch Taiga

Below left to right after the Taiga are Trollbeads Milan, True Beadz True Touch Stormy Heavens, True Beadz 3 Roses, Trollbeads White Steel and White Heart (I totally had no idea what that one was called!).

Below left to right after the White Heart are another Pandora Green Petite Facet and True Beadz Lilac. 

For a combo I added in my trusty Ohm Beads Twisted Bangle and my old Pandora Green Leather Bracelet. These are not colours I would usually put together but I kind of like the result! Coming up tomorrow are some pics of the Pandora Honeysuckle Pink Leather Bracelet and then Friday will be the Trollbeads Leather Necklace. 

Here is a comparison photo of most of the True Touch beads. 

Row 1 Strawberry/Stormy Heavens/Royal Viola/Purple Dream/Lilac
Row 2 Taiga/Eastern Sea/And Quiet Flows the Don/Sky Blue/Baby Blue/Marmor
Row 3 Blue Mist/Princess Kiss/Baby Pink/Terracotta/Pumpkin/Sunflower
Row 4 Sunlight Spot/Castle Stone/Dragon Green/Linen/Siberia

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples. 

8 responses to True Beadz Stormy Heavens and Taiga

  1. Kim says:

    This bracelet is fabulous! The teal and black look fantastic together. Milan is such a great bead. I remember that was one of the earlier Trollbeads that I purchased. And your shot of all the True Touch beads together is great. It’s helpful to see everything together, so you can compare colors. My favorite True Beadz design is the Taste, but I just got my first two Touch beads (Gooseberry and Blue Mist) a few weeks ago, and have been really enjoying them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • marthnick says:

      Thanks Kim! I love the Taste finish too. My friend just got a Sunflower Taste and it looks like a lemon ice dessert! I think Blue Mist is an outstanding colour in the glass bead world!


      • Kim says:

        I have the Sunflower Taste and it is a great bead. I currently have that and the Pumpkin, Eastern Sea and Quiet Flows the Don Taste beads together on a tropical bracelet. I do love bright colors together!


    • Julia says:

      Thank you so much, Kim! I was thinking of your tropical bracelet yesterday:)


  2. sarahrigler says:

    It’s such a vibrant and intense combination of gorgeous beads! I love the Truebeadz Taiga and Marmor and they are on my bead wish list. The combination with Milan and Stormy Skies is inspired, as is you stack with the Pandora green leather and your Ohm twisted bangle. Having seen your “Dirty Twisted Bangle” (sounds like a crazy dance craze), I am not sure which I like best. It is so comfortable! Thank-you for another beautiful post !


      • Julia says:

        The dancing photo of a bracelet sure wins the diamond #mcctrish star!!


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