On Tuesday I had a lovely outing to a charming tourist town called Stratford, ON, home of the Stratford Festival. Cheryl, Trisha and I met up with Sarah (@pandorabradshaws) for lunch and of course we stopped in at the Pandora counter at Bradshaws. Cheryl bought a pretty Blue Butterfly Kisses Murano, Trisha bought a Darling Daisies White Enamel Clip and I bought the Honeysuckle Pink Leather Bracelet. 

The Honeysuckle Pink is such a vibrant colour! Of course, it looks lovely with the Flower Garden Murano and then I added in two Wildflower Walks. 

A visit to Stratford is not complete without visiting the Rheo Thompson store to pick up some chocolate. How cute are these?

I think the pink looks great with last summer’s Green Leather Bracelet. 

And I really like the look with my old red bracelet. This would be great for Valentine’s Day!

In the sun the Honeysuckle Pink really looks fabulous. 

Here’s the bottom bracelet all by itself. I think I’d like to switch out the Purple Effervescence for something else. I might attempt to make this a ‘keep together’ bracelet this year, as I would enjoy wearing it.

Lastly, here’s a simple combo with the Galaxy charm on the leather with a mini bracelet. This will be very comfortable for hot days this summer. I know a lot of people have bought this bracelet already and love it. I so enjoy seeing other people’s combos with it and look forward to trying out some more combos with my small Pandora collection!