The Trollbeads Leather Necklace is not so well known, I think, but it’s such an economical way to wear your beads on a necklace. I’ve had one for a few years and wear it a lot. Now that I have a Fantasy Necklace I wear it less often, but still think it’s super useful. It comes in black and brown and three lengths, from 42-50cm. It does require a lock, but you can just use the most inexpensive one, as shown below. So that’s $39 CDN/ $34 US for the Necklace and $31 CDN/ $27 US for a Basic Lock

Then, just add anything you want! I think it even looks nice with a simple silver bead, like the Lucky Knot

This winter I kept the necklace like this, with the Troll Anemone Pendant and Silver Mountain. That way I could put it on with any outfit, as it’s such a neutral look. 

It looks nice with glass, also. Left to right below are Black Silk, Gold Silver Trace, Milan, Honey Dawn and Neptune’s Promise. 

Or build a larger necklace with silver and glass. Left to right below are Neverending, Sea Anemone, Smile of Stars, The Diamond Bead/Pink, Smile of Stars, Summer Dot and Neverending. 

Here’s how it looks when it’s actually on. Please excuse this photo-I had to get my husband to take it and you wouldn’t believe the complaints! Ha!

Anyway, I think this is a great necklace for casual wear and so much fun to change it up. Coming up Monday is the Ohm Beads Hug Me. Have a great weekend!