Caramel Latte by Ohm Beads

The July Bead of the Month is a pair of glass beads called Caramel Latte and they come bundled with a coffee mug! I have the mug sitting in my bead area and it’s currently holding beads I need to photograph, but I took it over to my local Starbucks yesterday and asked them to make a drink in it. 

There is a bit of texture on the beads, not quite as raised as the Taste True Beadz, but more like a fine salt or sugar. The Latte bead, which was a Bead of the Month about a year ago, is smooth, but the colours are the same. I’ve got them on the Dirty Twisted Bangle here with the the Cold Milk beads in between. The stoppers are called Earth-ish. 

Here are a couple of macro pictures, so you can see the texture. It almost looks like sugar just before it reaches the boiling point if you’re trying to caramelize it. 

The Caramel Latte beads also look great with the Bar Brawl bead. 

I also tried a larger bracelet and put on Grumpy Cat, as one could say they might feel grumpy if they don’t get their morning coffee. The Hug Me teddy bear will be featured tomorrow on the blog. And yeah, that’s two clover beads in there as I won a Lucky Friends Bracelet after doing a Trollbeads survey! I gave the lock to @mcctrish though. πŸ˜€

Here’s a last look at the mug and bracelet. I tried the Caramel Latte beads with other coloured beads, but didn’t find a combo I was happy with. For me they mostly work with white and the wood beads, plus silver of course. I’d be curious to hear what others are pairing them with!

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples. 

14 responses to Caramel Latte by Ohm Beads

  1. Kathy says:

    Ohhhhh – I wish I could show you my latte combo…but I could not find a way to download an image. Fun bead, as always. OHM has a great staff, fabulous ideas and attentive customer service.


    • marthnick says:

      Yeah, I don’t know if people can download images here, sorry! Are you on Instagram? I can find you there if you are!


  2. sarahrigler says:

    You make them look positively edible, or at least as a good a lump of burnt sugar, which is a great treat! They are remarkable, especially the way you combine them with the Latte bead which I love! It’s impressive that your local Starbucks paired with you on this post, brilliant photos and bracelets again! Makes me want to have another coffee today, I usually just have one! You’ve done it again…. Must have Grumpy Cat and any bead which honours caramel and lattes, and yes, will get a yummy iced coffee, with a shot of caramel syrup, from our local, Balzacs. Have a perfect day, Martha!


    • marthnick says:

      Our local Starbucks people are super friendly. I must have looked a tad silly taking the photo though! Enjoy your day, too! A stop at Balzacs sounds wonderful!


  3. Hi Martha! I love the OHM mug! What a nice extra gift! I can never resist a gift with purchase! The caramel latte beads are stunning! What a great idea to take your mug to Starbucks! Such an awesome photo!β˜•οΈπŸ˜


    • marthnick says:

      Thanks Carol! The Starbucks is just across the street practically, so I just trotted over to get the pic! I don’t want to put the mug in the cupboard so am trying to think of how I can keep it out on display.


  4. Svetlana says:

    Hello Martha! Thank you for this nice post! It was a real pleasure to look at all these pictures featuring both versions of the Latte beads so I studied them in detail ;)) I have the older version of Ohm Latte and usually pair it with TrueBeadz Terracotta, Pumpkin and Linen which you might have seen on Instagram. Will the same colours do for the Caramel Latte?

    I’m seriously sad that the set includes two beads of the kind, you know. I actually need only one, and minding the Russian rouble currency course the set turns out quite expensive. I’d gladly buy one, though, love the texture. Maybe someone (like myself) will feel the same and then we could somehow cooperate, ha!))) Or is there anyone selling a second bead from their set? That would be a way out!


    • marthnick says:

      The colours to me look exactly the same as the first Latte bead. I will keep my ears open to see if someone would split a set. But, you also might want to save your money for the August 8th release of the Bee collection. Just a thought! πŸ€”


  5. Hi Martha – I enjoy your blog and pictures — great job!
    May I use one of your pictures on my website? I’ll certainly give you credit.


  6. blkbtslonglegs says:

    You really have done a fabulous job with pairing these beads! I especially love the combo with the grumpy cat and Hug Me.


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