…and the Adventures of Ruffles and Truffles. 

The June Bead of the Month by Ohm Beads was a sweet, well loved teddy bear called Hug Me. His little bow tie made me think of my teddy bear, called Truffles and his travel partner, a little dog called Ruffles. We took them on many trips and sometimes they even met up with other stuffed animal friends. Starting on the top left, there they are in Syria with Iraq across the river! The bear in the middle was Tina Ted, who was traveling with some Brits. On the top right they are posing in front of Petra, Jordan. The bottom left was in Turkey and bottom right was in Cuba, with Petunia Pink, a fellow Canuck. 

The Hug Me bear has a lot of detail to show where it has been patched up over the years. Here’s the back. 

And look at that bottom!

I love how one button eye is missing. 

Being a teddy, Hug Me made me think of my wooden beads, called Bolly Wood. Then I added in my Cold Milks, because I love white with the dark wood. 

The silver bear really pops on the Dirty Twisted Bangle. 

Last week I was in a real pink phase and put him on the silver Twisted Bangle, then added in some pink/orange Trollbeads and a pink leather bracelet. 

I think Hug Me would also go really well with the Ohm Baby collection. 

Ruffles and Truffles have now retired from travelling and have a place in the house where they are resting. The Hug Me charm shall make me think of them and their many adventures. If you have a Hug Me bear, who does it remind you of?

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.