A while ago a bunch of us on Instagram started a fun Sunday activity called #weekendbeads. It all started when a couple of people, I think it was Nicole of Germany and Cherryko of Japan, posted pictures of their bracelets and fruit one weekend. Julia of True Beadz and I jumped on the bandwagon and more and more people joined in! Now we’ve had several theme weekends, some giveaways and I thought I’d do a retrospective for those of you not on Instagram. I’m not going to list the beads in each photo simply because it would take absolutely forever, but please ask if there are any beads you want to know about!

Fruit Theme

Ice Cream Theme

Books Theme

For this theme I asked Nicole if I could post her bracelet, as I thought it was incredibly inspired! I think this is my all time favourite #weekendbeads photo! 

Music Theme

I did one photo with my oboe in the background. That’s the Redbalifrog Volcanic Fossil in the middle. 

And then one photo to illustrate my favourite piece of music-Strauss’ Last Four Songs, specifically the recording with Jessye Norman singing. The lyrics here are about the sunset as a metaphor for death, so I tried to make a bracelet with the colours of a sunset. 

Travel Theme

Korean postcard with all True Beadz

Souvenir popcorn bucket from Tokyo Disney!

Makeup Theme

Which brings us to today’s theme of art. 

I don’t know how long we’ll keep the #weekendbeads going for but it’s been such fun to see what ideas people come up with. And I still marvel how people from so many different countries can come together to share ideas.