The Cherry/Sage leather bracelet is very vibrant on the pink side and is a more subdued light sage or greenish beige on the other. Depending on what beads you want to use you can emphasize either side. To show off the sage side I went with the recently retired Aqua Edge Pumpkin/Triangle and Petals glass beads, Lamb and The Messenger.

Then, I tried a combo with just a few pieces. Here is a bracelet with the Pink Facet Delight, a couple of Smile of Stars, Aztec, Mom’s Bouquet and a couple of Neverendings.

Here is a bright pink combo with, on the top strand, Summer Dot, Smile of Stars and a unique. The second strand has Neverending, Mom’s Bouquet and Aztec. The next strand has Pink Desert, a unique and the Red and Lavender Armadillo. The final strand has a Smile of Stars and The Diamond Bead, Pink.

Lastly, I’ve put it with the Pandora Honeysuckle Pink leather bracelet so people who have that can get a colour comparison. It’s not a perfect match, but I think they look nice together. 

Of course, another way to wear the Cherry/Sage leather bracelet would be with no beads at all or just silver ones. I really like these colours for the summertime and especially when it’s muggy outside. What is everyone wearing these days in the heat? (Although I realize it’s winter for some people!)