Just a quick post today with some photos of the fresh looking True Touch Gooseberry glass bead by True Beadz. 
Here they are with the True Beadz 2016 silver bead in the middle. The silver bead is such a great size to put in the middle of a bangle. 

I really, really like it with the True Touch Stormy Heavens and the Milan Trollbead to pull it all together. 

This Trollbeads unique I bought a few years ago also matches well.

Finally, I do like the look of Gooseberry with the Lilac shade of True Beadz and then the Mint/Lavender Trollbeads Armadillo, even though it’s not a perfect match. Even though I don’t have a lot of green beads this one is so happy looking! It makes me think of freshly mown grass and springtime. At Christmas time I think it will look fabulous with red for a festive look. Really, I think it will go nicely with a lot of colours, like white and blue. 

Here’s the full line of True Touch colours. 

Row 1 Stormy Heavens/Royal Viola/Purple Dream/Lilac/Taiga/Blue Mist
Row 2 Eastern Sea/And Quiet Flows the Don/Sky Blue/Baby Blue/Marmor/Princess Kiss
Row 3 Baby Pink/Strawberry/Terracotta/Pumpkin/Sunflower/Sunlight Spot
Row 4 Castle Stone/Dragon Green/Gooseberry/Linen/Siberia

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.