Nebula Gold Sprinkles

I sat in on an Elfbeads buying spree with my friends and Jennifer from Bead Billboard and couldn’t resist buying this beautiful bead. I love the gold flecks in it and how the rest of the bead is a gorgeous blue with a touch of purple.


It fits in so nicely with quite a few beads I already have, like the True Beadz True Touch Sky Blue.


Next I tried it with the Trollbeads Honey Dawn and Gold Silver Trace.


Where I think the Nebula Gold Sprinkles shines is with the Aurora type Trollbeads that I have. On either end of the bangle are the Faceted Auroras. To the left of the Elfbead is Moonlight Bubbles and to the right is the Aurora bead.

Here is the same bangle in the sun.


And lastly here is a mixed brand bracelet with some flowers in my yard. All the silver is by Redbalifrog. In the middle is a Soleil Bead. On the left is the Pandora Purple Shimmer Murano (still really love that one) and the rest of the glass is Trollbeads.


Have a great weekend everyone! Coming up Monday is the Ohm Beads Bead of the Month, called Hive Mind plus an overview of the Bee Ohm collection.


  1. Absolutely lovely! It’s so nice how you incorporate different brands seamlessly and create multiple cohesive looks (I’m sure that it also helps when you find a bead that plays nicely with others). Have a great weekend and I can’t wait for the Monday post!


  2. I’m impressed that you were sitting in on a bead buying spree and were able to walk out with only one! 🙂 Be warned, Elf glass is VERY addictive. And my buying is complicated by the fact that I tend to like pairs for my Elf glass, although I never did when I was primarily buying Troll. Which reminds me, I have the Nebula Gold Sprinkles myself, and for some reason I only bought one instead of two. I’ll have to remedy that at some point! 🙂 Great combos here. I love the full bracelet with all of the beautiful purple glass!


  3. That’s a beautiful addition to your already wonderful collection of beads. I have a bit of a thing for them, too. It’s such a great opportunity to be able to choose them in person as opposed to online. I love all the combinations you created to welcome this little treasure .


  4. Your elf fit in perfectly with your collection. I love all the beads they have with the gold and silver flakes! I can’t wait until Monday!!! I blind bought hive mind earlier this week so I would be guaranteed one, I think the anticipation will kill me. I’ve been looking forward to this collection since they hinted to it like a year ago so I’ll probably buy the big bee box with them all. I’ve decided I really can’t go wrong with Ohm, I love everything! I can’t wait to see your Monday post, it’s like Christmas!!!


  5. That is a gorgeous bead and has so many possibilities! It almost looks like a different bead when paired with the blue beads vs the aurora beads.


  6. The Red Bali Frog silvers really set off this combination SO beautifully! Congrats on your new bead! The Elfbeads sprinkles/flakes on that color is beautiful.


  7. Wow! This is a stunning bead, Martha! It does go amazingly well with so many different beads and brands in your collection! It looks perfect on your bangle with the addition of your Truebeadz True Touch Sky Blue beads. It also perfectly complements your lovely collection of Trollbeads Auroras! ❤


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