The Bead of the Month for August is called Hive Mind. There are not many pieces available at 222 per finish, so don’t hesitate if you really like it! The finishes and their prices, in US dollars, are Silver/$70, Dirty/$70, Vermeil/$90, Blushed/$95. I have the Dirty and Blushed finishes and just love them both. Here are some basic photos to give you an idea of what they look like. This is a large bead, which will be evident in later pictures. 

Dirty on Silver Bangle

Dirty on Dirty Bangle-really like this look!

Blushed on Silver Bangle

Blushed on Dirty Bangle

Here they are both with some Trollbeads, so you can get an idea of size. I’ll also post a video on the Instagram Stories when I get up in the morning. 

When you see it with Luna, which is pretty big, the large size is very evident.  This is my favourite look below!

Now, here is the Bee Ohm collection, all six pieces. It is not limited edition so there is no rush to buy them. If your funds are limited and you really like Hive Mind then definitely get that first!

Here is Hive Mind with the Bee Ohm Collection, so you can get a further idea of size.

Here they are with the glass bead from the Bee Ohm collection. This looks like a hidden Mickey if Mickey Mouse had extra large ears!

The Trollbeads Copper Bangle is a perfect match for the Blushed finish!

Here is a bangle with Ohm Gnome and the Bee Ohm collection. 

So, I’d be curious who is going to try to get one? I love the large, openwork style and think it has a modern, industrial look. I can’t pick a favourite as I really like both of them and I bet the others are gorgeous too! Here’s one last photo, with Bar Brawl on the top right of the bangle. Sorry about all the watermarking…but lesson learned! 

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.