The BEE OHM collection consists of one glass bead, a small dangle and 4 silver pieces. Here is an overview of the whole set. The glass bead is a gorgeous honey colour. It’s called Incremental Change and is $35 USD. Beside it is the spacer, called Make Room and it’s $25 USD. On the top right is Work Together and it’s $35 USD. The cute little dangle is called Thank You and it’s also $35 USD. Beside it is Please Survive and it’s $40 USD and lastly, Live Free is $45 USD. The collection as a set costs $180 USD, so that’s $35 saved from if you were to buy each piece individually.

Here they all are on a bangle. When I look at Live Free, all I can think of is I need to put it with a Winnie the Pooh charm. (Sorry Ohmies, lol!) It really makes me think of him dipping his paw in his hunny pot. And now I want to go on the Pooh bear ride at Disney World. But I digress.

Here is a close up of Live Free.

And here is one of the ends of it.

The Please Survive bead has a nice rounded shape.

Work Together is a silver bead that I plan to buy so I have a pair. I absolutely love the shape of this bead and think two flanking a glass bead will look outstanding, especially on a bangle. 

The Make Room bead is super small, which is reflected in the price. Again, I really like the shape of it.

Here is the beautiful glass bead, Incremental Change on its own. This one I might also need to get a mate for.

The dangle, Thank You, is also very tiny and will work really nicely on a bracelet. My friend Cheryl has a knack for putting 3  dangle charms together on a necklace chain in a way that looks really nice, so I can see it used in that capacity also.

Here is the whole collection on a leather bracelet. I will definitely wear it like this!

The glass bead looks great with the  Caramel Latte beads. 

So, in my opinion this is a great collection. If symmetry is important to you then it might make sense to pick and choose what to buy, otherwise the set is a pretty good savings. The little bee dangle I’m sure will be a big hit and the Live Free bead is quite fantastic. As you can tell from the photos, the spacer is very small, basically the size of a stopper, so do keep that in mind if you have to purchase online (as most people do). 

I’d love to hear what your favourite piece from this collection is! Here’s the photo of the two bangles with all the bee things again. Coming up Wednsday is a Cambodia inspired bracelet featuring the True Beadz True Touch Dragon Green then I might start into the Trollbeads Autumn Collection, although it seems rather warm here for that! 

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.