These were maybe the two most talked about silver beads for the Autumn Collection, so I thought I’d put up some pictures today. They both will be $46 USD/$53 CDN, available Sept. 9. 

Here is a macro shot of the Mexican Sugar Skull from the front. This is the first skull I’ve ever had in my bead collection and I really like it!

And here is the back. Love all the holes and how it has a bit of an industrial look. 

I think it looks great on my black leather necklace. 

You can use it as a splitter bead on a Fantasy Necklace. It also hangs nicely on its own, as seen in a photo in my overall preview.

Here I’ve got a bangle that I’ll probably wear around Hallowe’en. The beads from left to right are Black Dot, Black Silk, Mexican Sugar Skull, White Heart and Neptune’s Promise. 

Now for the little Chihuahua! 

Here it is from the back in another macro shot. 

It also looks great on the black leather necklace, since it hangs down quite far. Interestingly, after I posted a photo of it on Instagram, several Chihuahua themed accounts started to follow me. 😀

Both the Mexican Sugar Skill and the Chihuahua look great on the Twisted Copper Bangle. It will be interesting to see how the bangle looks after a while. It will always shine up again after a short time in ketchup, though! On the bangle below are the Connected Love Spacer, the Sweet Berries Spacer and the Orange bead. 

Finally, here is a colourful Día de Muertos inspired bracelet. 

Left to right are the Connected Love Spacer, Peter, Mexican Sugar Skull, Sea Anemone, Orange, The Messenger, Pink, the Diamond Bead, a unique, Chihuahua, a unique and Sweet Berries. 

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.