Trollbeads Twisted Bangles

As seen on my previous blog post, the Trollbeads Twisted Bangles (Sept. 9) will come  in copper for $55 USD/$63 CDN and in silver for $105 USD/$121 CDN. Today I have a few pictures of them with beads on, old and new. The sizing is consistent with the current, smooth bangles. Stoppers/spacers fit on just like the smooth bangles. They glide on just as easily and stay secure. The Twisted Silver Bangle is 9.6 g as opposed to 12.4 g for the smooth bangle. The Twisted Copper Bangle is 8.6 g as opposed to 11.10 g for the smooth, so they are slightly lighter in weight, but that’s reflected in the prices. 

Below, the beads from left to right are called Quiet Flower, Symphony of Hearts, Soul of Waves, Rise Together and Pumpkin Ornament. 

Below, from the bottom of the bangle and going up to the right are the new Soul of Sunshine, Dot to Dot Spacer, Daydream Blossom, Sunbeam Spacer and Magical Lamp. 

Here I’ve got an all metal set.

On the Silver Twisted Bangle are the Sweet Berries Spacer in the middle with two Smile of Stars. On the Copper Twisted Bangle are the Sunbeam Spacer, the New Mexican Sugar Skull and the Dot to Dot Spacer. 

Below are some pretty beads on the Silver Twisted Bangle. On the bottom is the new Nature Friendship, Sea Anemone and  the new Soul of Waves. Man, I need to learn the names of these new ones so I’m not looking them up each time! 😀

Lastly, here is a bangle starring the gorgeous Calcite Rock. My, how I love the various colours on this bead! From the bottom left are the new Symphony of Hearts, Aqua Edge Triangle, the Calcite Rock, Aqua Edge Pumpkin and the new Rise Together. I really like these new openwork style silver beads. To me they seem modern and I like how they don’t add much weight to a bracelet. 

Hope this helps someone to decide whether or not they want to buy these bangles! I will be without easy access to the Internet for a few days so won’t be able to answer comments as quickly as usual but have a blog post of the Mexican Sugar Skull and Chihuahua scheduled for Thursday. 

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples. 


  1. The more I see the twisted bangles, the more I think I want one! Thanks for covering these right away, and for showing off how they look with beads on them, which I had been worried about. I really LOVE your mixed metal combos. I’ll have to try some of my own. And the last combo, with the Calcite Rock on the copper bangle, is awesome! By the way, I got a chuckle out of your comment about having to keep looking up the names of the new Troll glass. I’ve felt the same way for the last few collections. They seem to have decided lately to give them these abstract names which can’t be readily connected with the bead itself. Now if they named a bead Purple Python, for instance, instead of Nature {whichever that one is}, that would be much easier.


    1. Kim, in my head I just say ‘the pink one’ and ‘the purple one’ and so on so I really do have to look up the names! Ohm Beads are the same with abstract names too. The True Bead are by far the easiest because they just go by texture and colour. I’m glad you liked the pictures of the bangles. I really like them just with metal beads/stoppers also, but they do work well with glass.


  2. I love your stylings and perfect combinations, you make everything so tempting! My heart stops with Daydream Blossom, though, and the Calcite Rock has me twisted like the lovely new bangles. Have a great trip, Martha.


  3. Love the look of these twisted bangles! I’m glad they are fairly priced too, especially the copper one I want is very reasonable, when I first heard about them I thought they might be more expensive than the smooth because they are more decorative. All of your combinations and pictures look great, I love how you mixed the silver and copper together. Enjoy your vacation! 😀


    1. Thanks Natalie! I think the prices are good, too. We are just in Pittsburgh and Cleveland to visit a couple of museums…and to buy some unusual flavoured Oreos that we don’t have in Canada, ha ha! I left the Pumpkin Spice Cheerios on the shelf, though. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s so funny about the Oreos, I didn’t realize they wouldn’t have some of those in Canada! I have the mint Oreo Thins right now which interestingly say they are made in Canada. I think the Reese’s peanut butter cup Oreo is made in Canada too. Would be really funny if you bought Oreos in the US that were made in Canada and then took them back to Canada!

        I just love all the pumpkin spice stuff, glad we are in that time of year again.


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