Trollbeads Carolina Jessamine Lock and Earrings

The Carolina Jessamine Lock and Studs will be part of the Trollbeads Autumn collection (available Sept. 9 from and are $59 USD/$68 CDN and $57 USD/$66 CDN respectively.  The Carolina Jessamine  yellow flower/vine itself is native to subtropical climates, so that rules out it growing in Canada! So, instead I picked a tiny yellow flower from some clover plants for these photos. 

The earrings are very sweet!

I think the lock will be very popular as it’s really chunky and solid. Here are all the locks I have so far, for a size comparison. You can see on the bottom right that it’s quite a bit chunkier than the Flower Lock just above it. That’s the Plain Lock on the top right and then in the left column are the 40th Anniversary  Lock, Fish Lock and the Stories of You starter bracelet lock from a few years ago.

Sometimes I like to wear a lock as a focal point, on the top of a bracelet. 

To put it together, build it like this, with beads on either end. On the top are Vision of Light, Nature Friendship, Amber Violets, Pink Conch and Dot to Dot Spacer. On the bottom row are Sunbeam Spacer, Moonlight Bubbles, Gold Silver Trace, Soul of Waves (and yes, I’m still looking up these names 😀) and the Sweet Berries Spacer. 

Then just add the lock!

I wore a different configuration on our road trip. Here’s the waterfront of Pittsburgh in the background. 

And just the waterfront by itself. We had fun riding the incline! So, is anyone tempted by this lock? I will definitely wear it as a centrepiece quite a bit this fall as I really love it!

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples. 


  1. Dear Martha,
    I am really enjoying your blog and have pinned several of your bracelets on Pinterist. To center the lock the way you have is a wonderful idea. Thank you!!


  2. It really is a pretty lock and deserves to be the focal bead in your beautiful bracelet. You have mixed the new Fall beads beautifully with your “older” beads and it is so pleasing to look at.


  3. Hi Martha, I am a new follower and have been enjoying your excellent blogs. Thank you 😊 you’ve done a great job with the photos, ideas & everything… I’m drooling over the Autumn beads 😍


  4. I like this lock a lot, at first glance I wasn’t sure just because I don’t have any of this bracelet style yet so I didn’t really have any use for locks, but now I have a Perlen bundle on its way to me-black leather, flower lock, and chrysanthemum flower of the month, so I could wear it on my new leather! I would probably wear it as a focal piece on the leather with no beads or just a couple beads. I might try making some custom leather bracelets too using some extra strips of leather I have. I think it is a good price as it looks like a substantial piece.


    1. That Perlen bundle is a great deal! Yeah, the Jessamine lock is very substantial, so you could definitely enjoy wearing it with just a couple of beads. Hope you enjoy your new leather set once it arrives!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, to get a nice charm, lock, and leather bracelet for US $60 is great! I’ve been interested in trying Troll leather as well as their lock system but I have to order online so I didn’t want to invest a lot of money in something I may not like. There are some RBF locks I like too, such as the Bull Totem, so maybe I will eventually try some of those too.


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