Giuseppe Di Meo from Italy designed this cheery bead called ‘Celebrate Life’. It was chosen as the winner for the eighth People’s Bead contest, celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Trollbeads. With five bright colours it’s just delightful in my opinion. One side has a larger piece of silver which had a lot of people concerned, but now that I’ve had a chance to play with it, I’m not bothered at all. Rather than trying to describe it with words, I’ll just show photos! The bead will be available Sept. 9 and will cost $56 USD/$64 CDN. 

Here’s a macro shot. 

Below is a photo of the side without the silver cap. 

The next photo is just of the bead but without using the olloclip macro lens. 

Here it is on a bangle with the Orange and Aurora Flower beads. 

I love it on the Pumpkin/Grape Leather Bracelet!

It sits very nicely on a Fantasy Necklace. I put the silver end face down and then put on the Only One You and Vision of Light silver beads that are also coming out Sept. 9. 

Then I tried a bangle using other beads in the colours of the stripes, except for green. The yellow one is a unique and the blue one is called Ancient Palace. 

Lastly, I tried a chain bracelet. Below, left to right are Neverending, Turquoise Green Dot, Ancient Palace, Aurora Flower, Smile of Stars, Celebrate Life, Smile of Stars, Orange, a unique, Peter and Neverending. 

So, I hope these pictures give you a good idea of what the bead looks like in real life. It does not fit on the Ring of Change, otherwise I would have shown it on that, too. If you like bright colours, this might be a wonderful bead for your collection!

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.