I have really been enjoying the glass bead from the Bee Ohm collection, called Incremental Change and thought I’d group some photos together. If you follow me on Instagram, just go do something else with your time though, as there are no new photos here. Monday will be all new photos though, so please do stop back! πŸ˜€

First up are some beads on the Ohm Beads Ball Necklace but without the ball. I slid it off and put these beads on and they hang really well! Left to right are Milan and Ancient Palace by Trollbeads, Hive Mind and Incremental Change by Ohm Beads and Black Silk by Trollbeads. 

This combo is an absolute favourite as I love the honey colour with pink. There are the Trollbeads Spacers on either end, the three middle ones are from the Bee Ohm collection and then The Diamond Bead, Pink and Sea Anemone by Trollbeads. 

Last weekend for #weekendbeads we had a nature theme, so I put together this on a Trollbeads Leather Bracelet. It’s all six pieces from the Bee Ohm collection, plus their Bar Brawl glass bead. Then I threw on three Trollbeads from the retired Native Elements Kit. 

I also made another bracelet for the nature theme, as I really like combining beads with things from nature. I’m not a nature kind of person though, preferring city living, which is kind of funny. The other day I was in my Mom’s garden taking photos for Monday when I swear I got attacked by a bunch of insects and when I killed them my leg had lots of blood on it and it looked like a miniature murder scene. Blech! πŸ˜€

On the bracelet below from top to bottom are Cozy by Trollbeads, Pandora’s Tropicana, Bolly Wood and Bar Brawl by Ohm Beads, Scirocco by Trollbeads, Luna, Humerus and T-Rex by Ohm Beads, Scirocco again, Incremental Change and Bolly Wood by Ohm Beads, Pandora’s Tropicana and Sandstone by Trollbeads. 

Lastly, here’s a simple bangle I made up because I kept thinking that a bear would like to eat honey. I used Paula the Red Panda, even though technically it’s not really a bear, being more related to a raccoon or skunk. 

 Left to right are Incremental Change, Live Free, Hive Mind (Blushed), Paula the Red Panda and Bar Brawl, all by Ohm Beads. 

So, as you can see I’ve really been enjoying playing with the honey colour and there are so many more combos to be made! Have a great weekend everyone! Coming up Monday is —- (can’t say yet-how annoying of me-sorry!) and then Tuesday and Wednesday will be Perlen’s Beauty Beads.