With the launch of the Trollbeads Spirit of Life Collection happening on Sept. 9, I thought I’d try to take some more photos of the two tassels and ring. I’ve been wearing this ring a lot! 

It’s a real statement piece, being fairly large. It will be $195 USD/$224 CDN. 

Here are some shots from different angles. As you can see below right, the underneath part is fairly slender, which I think is what makes it so comfortable. 

The tassels are $92 USD/$106 CDN for the Smoky Quartz one on the left and $128 USD/$147 CDN for the Citrine Facet one.

I don’t have a foxtail necklace, so put the Citrine Facet Tassel on my leather necklace with Rise Together and Symphony of Hearts. I really look forward to wearing this to work this year!

Here are both tassels on a chain bracelet with two Sciroccos and the new Calcite Rock in the middle. I think I should try to make this into a larger bracelet later in the fall!

Here is a closeup of the photo from above. 

On the Twisted Bangle in Copper below are Scirocco, Soul of Sunshine, the Smoky Quartz Tassel, Nature Unity and another Scirocco. 

On the Twisted Bangle in Silver below are Symphony of Hearts, the Citrine Facet Tassel and Rise Together. 

So, I realize these pieces are not inexpensive but is there anything on anyone’s wish list?

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.