The Ohm Beads Limited Edition Bead of the Month for September is called Chi Chi Sticks. As of yesterday they were still available on the Ohm Beads website. Chi Chi Sticks are an ancient Chinese way of Fortune Telling. The idea is that the tubes contains some sticks, you ask a question to a deity and once you shake one out, the one that falls out will be the answer to your question. Usually the sticks have numbers and then you look on a list for the matching number and answer. Because this bead came with a lot of packaging and sticks that I can use myself, I made a fun unboxing video. The sound really makes the video (which is just a template from iMovie, the Retro Trailer one). 

Here are some photos of the detail on this bead. I really, really like the engravings on this one. 

In my opinion it’s a perfect size for a bracelet dangle. You could use it as a dangle on a necklace, especially maybe on a fine chain. Here it is on the Dirty Twisted Bangle. The bead on the left is a Trollbeads unique and on the right is the fabulous limited edition Year of the Horse Ohm Bead from 2014. 

On the mini bracelet below, left to right are the unique, Hug Me by Ohm Beads, a Disney Pandora Belle Murano, Chi Chi Sticks, Year of the Horse, Ohm Baby Shake Rattle Roll (yes, it’s a baby rattle but I also like it as a little dangle to balance the Chi Chi Sticks 😀), another Belle, My Precious and Sky Fire, both by Ohm Beads. 

It’s been fun seeing on Instagram the different languages and mantras that people received. Did anyone else have fun opening their Chi Chi Sticks?

Coming up Wednesday are the new Trollbeads Tassels and Citrine Facet Ring and Friday will be the Friendship Kit. 

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.