The Trollbeads Feldspar Azurite Rock and Calcite Rock are my first ever Trollbeads stones and I was very excited to get them! On the Trollbeads website it says, “The Feldspar Azurite Rock is made up of Azurite crystallizations large enough to to be seen within the rock.” Definitely it’s really interesting to look at up close! Here are macro photos of both sides of the sample I received.

First I tried a simple bangle with matching blue beads. Left to right are Sunbeam Spacer, Soul of Flowers, Feldspar Azurite Rock, Wave of Dreams and Dot to Dot Spacer.

I love how the blues look in the sun!

Next I thought I’d try a whole bracelet by adding in some brown and beige with the blue beads.

Clockwise from the top are the Carolina Jessamine Lock/ Dot to Dot Spacer/ Only One You/ Beach/ Cozy/ Quiet Flower/ Wave of Dreams/ Scirocco/ Rise Together/ Soul of Sunshine/ Feldspar Azurite Rock/ Nature Unity/ Symphony of Hearts/ Scirocco/ Soul of Flowers/ Wisdom Weed/ Magical Lamp/ Ancient Palace/ Vision of Light and the Sunbeam Spacer.

For a combo I think the Silver and Copper Twisted Bangles and Citrine Facet Ring fit in well. I’ve been wearing the ring with everything, really. So, does this kind of stone appeal to anyone? I’d love to hear how people are using it. By the way, a good resource to check out is the Trollbeads Gallery Forum. The people who post pictures on it are long time collectors, unlike me, so they can put together bracelets with amazing results. It’s a great place for inspiration!

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.